What we are creating here is something that James Mason attempted to put into form himself, but due to circumstance, he never implemented it. This changed in the year of 2017, when the Atomwaffen Division discovered and met James Mason. Ryan and Vincent Snyder both came to the assistance of Mason, helping him publish his works. The evolution of the website led to the development of a new course of action for SIEGE – too long has the movement trapped people into a mindset of chasing their own tail. Those of you who are reading this and are with us, will perhaps create history. That is our intention.

The term “Universal Order” implies a natural, overriding governance to all that is. Order is imposed on disorder, implying that Will is at work, and where there is Will – there is a way, a form of intelligence at work, in accordance with the Hermetic axiom: “As above, so below”. Akin to the Demiurge imposing his Will on the scattered, disordered world to make it orderly, Man imposes his will on Nature to bring it in accordance with the Universal Order. This makes it clear that Mason’s weltanschauung does not oppose authority itself, but “bullshit authority”.

     “The name Universal Order is not one more krinklejammer replacement for anything more properly termed "Nazi" nor is it any head trip, grandiose "organization" designed mainly to enhance someone's ego. In fact, Universal Order is more a concept than the name of any group or organization: universal order as opposed to some kind of localized, specialized, exclusive "order". When order is truly universal - and only then - it will be right, proper and, most of all, everlasting. This will include National Socialism, of course, and by direct implication, it will provide no place anywhere in the universe for alien "order"”

- SIEGE 9.19: The Meaning of Universal Order

On top of being American Futurists, we are by necessity adherents and fanatical practitioners of the Universal Order. This basic philosophy proclaims that every action that occurs – everything that is invented, created, transformed or improved – begins with the Mind. And how could one possibly hope to produce good or even adequate results, when their Mind is clouded and filled to the brim with filth? We have cleared ourselves from all dogmas and System-think garbage that pollutes the Mind of the common American, reverting to our instinctive nature. Once you rid yourself of the rotten System-think, you will be left with the Worldview – a task of utmost importance.

     “Read the history books backwards, all it’s doing is cluttering your mind.”

- Charles Manson

All notions of the “left” and “right” are merely manifestations of the divide-and-conquer technique, employed by the System to keep the Americans at each other’s throats over non-issues, and to poison all reason with System-think. These labels are meaningless to us – we despise the right wing as much as the left wing. We do not “punch right”, purely for the reason that the “right” is an arbitrary term used only by those who are still trapped within the framework of the System.

While we the conventional would have knowledge of God, we ask where is God? Is God Dead? The dead now raised a great tumult, to be alive is to have the key to the gates of Universal Order.

The enigma has been activated, and will remain clandestine except to those who go through the gate.