June 14, 2019

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

by Bob Igelston

As I watch the news more, the more I find myself seeing the absurdity of it all in terms of engineered outrage as a marketing technique like you see lemmings taking sides on what some ad said and thus giving the company in question plenty of free advertising or ever increasing use of the media as a shaming tool. I’m of course speaking of the “epidemic of teenage racists!” where the national media shames a bunch of high schoolers/college students every week for making offensive jokes.

I’d be very happy if there was this nation wide epidemic of teenage nazis around every corner but that’s just not the case, I mean I used to be exactly like that (and still am to a point) where I acted like an edgelord making dumb jokes, though granted I’m now a writer for a radical national socialist website! In all honesty these people are no threat at all and most probably will never be on our side ever, which is a crying shame but what will help out in getting more people on our side and stumbling upon this place is in fact the very shaming tactics these slumps of human retardation practice.

As I stated in my leftist article before, all mass shaming does – whether it be Anarchists or the System itself – is just further radicalize some people. For some of these pranksters who do Roman Salutes or make nazi jokes at prom, doxxing them on the national media and getting the school involved to punish them for things they did outside of school time will only awaken some people to the fact of “Why does our society hate these things so much and why do they have such a knee-jerk reaction to anyone who makes such things?”. Thus leading them down the rabbit hole if you will. Dylann Roof for example found our way of thought simply due to all the racial garbage at the time and the fact that he was shamed by anyone he brought these questions up to, thereby radicalizing him further.

I myself was radicalized, not by actual Fascists but in fact by society itself constantly shutting me down and shaming me whenever I had questions and therefore lead me onto the path I am now. So I will say to these boomer jews at the ADL, SPLC and elsewhere kick up a shit fit at some 15 year old bringing in CNN to dox him and his family and shame him for saying nigger in class as a joke… All it will do is bring those people into our arms. In any truthful matter those groups and the system itself are our best recruiters to our cause by far so honestly we should give them a hand and a congratulations.

We really do owe them a lot.