June 12, 2019

Why Fighting in Foreign Wars is Pointless

Why Fighting in Foreign Wars is Pointless

by Bob Igelston

With all this chaos and war in this world there is bound to be fights for fascism just by statistics alone. Now the most famous and well known example would be the fascist groups fighting in Ukraine right now. Though it’s very tempting, it would be very ridiculous, pointless, and not to mention COSTLY to go off to another country and start fighting for the benefits of complete strangers. Why? What does it accomplish? Let’s say you’re there to help X group form a fascist state, okay, but how long until ZOG sends it’s muscle – the United States Military – to “Liberate” that area? How long until they blow you up into nothing because it’s a 3rd world country that no one gives a damn about so they can carpet bomb the shit out of it (maybe even nuke it if it proves to be too difficult for them). The lemmings won’t care (and even celebrate said country being blown back into the stone-age) only because it’s not in their backyard. Your fascist state will last about a couple days at most and if you survive you’ll get publicly hung for crimes against humanity, or worse, just tortured in some Gitmo style prison camp ZOG has for you.

Now the second most common reason people go off to fight in some fight in some nameless country is experience they want to bring home. That would be a good idea if you had a way of coming back home, because all the US (or any western nation for that matter) needs to do is invoke one of many laws that ban US Citizens from going off to other countries to fight in wars or just get you labeled as a terrorist via the lies spread by the mass media and individuals opening cases against you within the System. You’re never coming back home then! And worse, you’re stuck in whatever shithole you’re in with nothing but your cock in your hand since the moment you set foot on in your homeland you’ll be arrested and put in a concrete room for the rest of your life.

Now don’t get me wrong, people who go off to fight for fascism are good hearted men and very brave, but it’s still very foolish and a waste of time and your life. You can accomplish much more for the struggle in your own country instead of becoming foreign cannon fodder for whichever army you choose to sign your life away to. Think in terms of results rather than “action” for the sake of “action”.

The hard truth is that fascism will never ever grow anywhere as long as the US still exists. The US, in every sense of the word, is the DEMON of the world. If the US and it’s military are no longer an issue for “liberation”, who’s going to intervene if there was ever a struggle against kikery anywhere on earth? China or Russia. Though being very good at propaganda, and making their militaries seem super powerful, are still weak and usually are only surviving on stealing US Military secrets and copying US Equipment, or using older equipment from eras like the cold war. Once the US is gone they’ll die off similar to a parasite dying with no host (also consider the fact that China’s economy entirely survives off of US Trade too so with no US there will be no Chinese Threat. The same goes for lots of other countries too). The US has doomed itself with unsustainable kikery, and whoever said that the System isn’t incompetent at times?

All and all the conclusion that can be made is a simple one, as long as the US exists Fascism will never ever thrive anywhere on earth, the US overthrowing great fascist men like Hitler, Saddam, Idi Amin and many others is proof of this. Hence why we should concentrate our efforts on the US Empire and its eventual collapse (which will happen as it did in Rome). Not some 3rd world country that is meaningless in the grand scheme of things in regards to our struggle against the System.