June 12, 2019

Whatever happened to our Leftist Foes?

Whatever happened to our Leftist Foes?

by Bob Igelston

I often ask myself a question which is the namesake of this article, “Whatever happened to our Leftist Foes?” and what a valid question it is in these times. I mean back in the 1860s all the way to the 1960s, these people were a force to be had, they were revolutionaries who would do anything to accomplish their goals and were without compromise (similar to our mindset since all revolutionaries are cut from the same cloth), like honestly you’d see things like an Anarchist assassinating a US President, Communist Paramilitaries in Germany getting in firefights with ourselves in the streets, I mean you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about some communist stabbing his boss in the chest or attempting to start a revolution.

Now what do we see? A bunch of edgy Liberals who play pretend as Communist/Anarchist Revolutionaries, I mean this of course is only speaking of the 1st world since Leftist Revolts in the 3rd world are still on going and still have a revolutionary aspect of which the 1st world “college communists” have all but co-op’d and destroyed. I mean honestly these people have numbers ranging in the hundreds of thousands speaking of “the rich capitalist class is going to get it!” and yet all they can muster is some protests and maybe set a limo on fire or maybe smash some windows. Like where the hell are the red brigades at? Where are the partisans? All I see are a bunch of pussy college kids LARPing as early 20th Century organizations but without the revolutionary spirit.

No more is this more prevalent than the movement of many organizations primarily consisting of Anarchists known as Anti-Fascist Action or “Antifa” as it’s more widely known, though I find it very funny that Anarcho-Communist are using symbols from Weimar German Paramilitary Organizations like the Militant Wing of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) also known as “Anti-Fascist Action” or using the symbol of “The Iron Front” which was itself a militant wing of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) since neither of these political parties were Anarcho-Communist and more or less outright opposed to such an idea, also those 3 arrows of the Iron Front they like to use a lot literally meant how the SPD opposed Fascism, Monarchism and Communism and it’s parties in Germany and how they only favored Social Democracy as seen in one of their propaganda posters here, though considering these people have a lack of historical knowledge on the meaning of these symbols and simply used the edgiest symbols they can find from Weimar Germany and Co-op them into meaninglessness while at the same time claiming that the NSDAP was unopposed and they only took power through no opposition and not through other means outside of the democratic process and how “If Antifa was around in Weimar Germany then the NSDAP would have been stopped!” (which anyone who actually took their time to study into Weimar Germany they’d know damn well that is the exact opposite of the case, but hey the Liberal talking heads say so, so therefore it’s fact amongst these pretenders).

I talk here about Antifa due to the fact that they themselves are an excellent example of these playing pretend as a revolutionary, I mean they constantly brag about “We’re stopping Fascism guys!” because they got some basic bitch segregationist like Richard Spencer to stop speaking at college campuses or how they doxxed some skinheads with public facebook accounts who already advertise their addresses to begin with, What “revolutionary tactics” are these? I mean even with their most widely used tactic which is doxxing, what exactly does that accomplish? Like you find some Fascist’s address, cool then what? Oh yeah these retards just place antifa stickers on their door and I guess maybe put up a couple posters around their neighborhood calling them a nazi racist, which pro-tip here no one reads posters on telephone poles and if you put it in people’s mailboxes they’ll just think it’s junkmail and throw it out without thinking twice about it and let’s say they do read it, then what? Like do these people think a lynch mob is going to form and hang them? No, because most people don’t care and the people who do care are probably the ones who didn’t like the guy anyways, so it’s not changing anything. I mean the only real effect is that the same as TPing someone’s home, all you did was inconvenience them a little bit, like if this was the leftist groups of before, would they just place some stickers on a known fascist’s door and run away giggling like little kids doing a ding dong ditch? Fuck no, they’d go up and break in with guns and kill the guy if they could. I mean seriously what a fucking joke the far left has become, are these people suppose to be our sworn enemies? The biggest threat to us out there? Or are they a bunch of angsty middle class college kids playing children’s games to rebel against their parents?

I mean how can they even justify to themselves how “we’re enemies of the state!” and “the system is in an all out war against us!” despite the fact that many of their members get jail time off, they get positive news media stories about them and are openly celebrated by many people in society, specifically those left of center? I mean have they ever had their friends thrown in jail on made up/trumped up charges (and I’m not speaking of them whining over some guy going to jail for a couple months for hitting some guy in the face with a glass bottle, sorry that’s not “oppression by the state!” that’s you going to jail on minimum charges for assault)? Have they ever had reporters harass them wherever they may go? Have they ever had to deal with friends of theirs being murdered while the news media celebrates? Have they ever had the Government itself harass them just for having their political beliefs? They answer is a flat no. These people will never experience true struggle, they’re LARPers and pretenders who like the antifa in Ukraine, will be lynched once real fascists come around, not a bunch of conservatives/segregationists who pussy out and cry once a bunch of antifa members show up.

Honestly these people don’t know what they’re asking for, I mean if they want to be real revolutionaries, if they want to be “Anti-Fascist Warriors” then they better fucking prepare for that shit once shit goes down, because let me tell you, all the doxxing skills and black hoodies isn’t going to do shit once a van of actual fascists pull up to your college dorm with rope, guns and actual revolutionary spirit and drags you out while you’re sobbing for your life before you’re hung from the nearest tree because this isn’t a game nor is it a dramatized story, this is real life and real life is disgusting, cruel and degenerate as all hell and needs a good cleansing something you’d know if you stepped 1 foot outside your sheltered life, though if you did that, you’d become one of us, so that’ll never happen.

Though honestly what really caused this removal of revolutionary spirit from the far left as we know it today was more in the 1960s and 1970s when a lot of liberals and college kids started flooding these movements and watering it down to their own level and many actual revolutionary organizations whether it be The Black Panther Party or what have you were thrown in jail leaving a big power vacuum in the 1st world’s far left as we would know it, leaving a great opportunity for these pretenders to take hold. This is very similar to what we see with the Alt Right today attempting though failing to take our ideas and water them down to an edgy conservativism, honestly anti-revolutionary moderates are a big issue to any movement of ideas whether they be left or right because these moderates hold similar beliefs to yours and thus try their hardest hold back future revolutionaries to their cause and thus holding back your group you’re trying to build up leaving these people to be a real danger.

Now I didn’t just write an article outlining faults in the modern far left in the 1st world today and what we can learn from it for ourselves, I’m writing this article also because I see way too many self identified fascists thinking that people like this are a major threat to us in anyway, I know never to underestimate your enemies but never overestimate them either, I mean in every single way these people are fucking joke, hell even their militia/paramilitary wings are jokes whether it be so called “Redneck Revolt/John Brown Gun Club” where their training videos are laughable and their targets are drawings of Pepe the Frog and a lot of them tend to be morbidly obese and some afraid of recoil (though it’s the women doing that and that’s nothing new no matter the political opinion) here while a lot of their photo ops were found to have members carrying airsoft guns that were painted black on the tips.

Now of course I’m not saying to completely disregard these people because an enemy with a gun is still a dangerous thing no matter how funny it is to see these lard asses shoot at drawings of memes from 4chan thinking they’re badasses for doing so, overconfidence should be a fault of theirs not ours, you should always take into account your enemy’s weaknesses and strengths (and with these folks there are a lot of weaknesses) because we as Fascists have to stop living in the past and start looking at the now, the now being that our biggest threat, our biggest danger isn’t some skinny college kid trying to hit you in the face with a bike-lock or put a sticker on your home, It’s Liberal Capitalism, this very system itself. Antifa isn’t going to make up charges to throw you in prison, Antifa isn’t going to raid your home in the middle of the night, Antifa isn’t going to blacklist you from employment, Antifa sure as hell isn’t going to assassinate you if you get to be too much of an issue. I mean this video here speaks for itself in terms of the Antifa movement and the types of people inside it.

So stop worrying over non-issues like if the barista at starbucks is plotting put a sticker on your car and worry over the system coming to arrest you/kill you. We need worry over actual dangers in this world, not something that was a danger in the early 20th century. Only then can we start to move forward with our ideas and put them into action.