June 14, 2019

Walmart Nationalists

Walmart Nationalists

by Bob Igelston

A term that I’ve always used to describe the ideas of the Alt Right and most Skinheads/Movement Boomers is “Walmart Nationalism”. Now what does this term even mean? It’s exactly as it sounds, you can paint an image in your head to of exactly what I’m talking about. Who are the Walmart Nationalists? They don’t care about the principles of Fascism at all, in fact they use it as a mask of sorts. Using symbolism and words for the sake of showing off how “hardcore” they are. It’s akin to nigger “gang culture”, there really is no difference.

Go ahead and paint a picture in your head of what I’m talking about. Don’t pretend like you don’t know, the dysgenic look that a lot of these white nationalist/skinhead types have, the “walmart look”, except instead of being one of those 56%ers, they’re full white but with that very distinctive “look” about them. Probably overweight, and their facial features most likely affected by the heavy usage of meth.

They’d probably feel very accomplished in their mission by removing their local walmart of the various non-whites while they themselves don’t see an issue on why there is a walmart there in the first place. These people have the same thought process as conservatives (mainly because they themselves are nothing more than edgy conservatives) where they act exactly like reactionaries, with the constant droning about “white genocide”, and how Jose and Pablo crossed the border illegally, or how Jamal who sells crack in his neighborhood and steals shit is the biggest problem ever and the most “pressing issue at hand”. Like conservatives, they’re content with bitching about the symptoms than address the cause of the issue.

Despite all their talk about how “We Hate ZOG!” and other useless platitudes, they love the system, but still continue to whine about certain aspects of it. I mean, going by their own words, they’d have the US exactly the way it is but just white. Common Filth put it best when he correctly pointed out that our biggest threats aren’t non-whites or even jews for that matter, it’s traitorous whites and degenerate whites. Jews are simply meeting a demand because the “merchant sells but the goyim buys”. I’m sick and tired of constantly seeing all these scapegoats of “It’s not White people’s fault! It’s the Jews! It’s the Blacks! It’s the [insert minority here]!”. These people aren’t fascists by any measure, they’re white egalitarians who believe just “being white is enough” and “how being white makes you superior by default”. I’d rather hang out with a bunch of non-whites than a bunch of these “white nationalists” any day because at least I don’t have to worry about Jamal fantazing about assfucking me and attempting to do so (which is a bigger problem in the Alt Right/White Nationalist scene than most people care to address), I don’t have to worry about Jose going into my local school to teach children about being a drag queen. No, only people I really see doing that are white degenerates and traitors.

Though like most of the skinheads of the 90s who were basically no different than nigger gangs, these new types of Walmart Nationalists will fade away. We’re already seeing it where after Charlottesville’s Unite The Right rally all these cowards shrank back into conservativism where they belong, the posterboy of that rally, Peter Cvjetanovic, is prime example of this behaviour. He himself being a member of the organization Identity Europa (which judging from it’s posters they seem to be an advertising agency for local art museums) outright denounced the organization after the media crucified him and shrank back to basic MAGA Trump supporting Conservativism being seen at CPAC multiple times and denouncing racism when interviewed. These people aren’t as much of a threat as lets say a Revisionist or a Tin Soldier or what have you considering they shrink back in cowardice at the first sign of trouble. So though it’s not really harmful, it’s always important to catalog these types whom I consider to be an expanding of Vincent’s Movementarian Menace Article in terms of subgroups whether it be the Revisionist, Pearl Clutcher, Tin Soldier or in this case the Walmart Nationalist and I hope to expand more on this subject as I see fit in the future.

In conclusion, they’re certainly nationalists. I’m not going to deny that. But to fit the reality, you must add “Walmart” to that mix, only because Walmart represents everything about America. What they fight to defend is this rotten runaway Capitalism that the American constitution’s policies created. Shipping all the Mexicans and Niggers out of the country wont solve the issue, nor will gassing all of the kikes. This issue is DEEP ROOTED within ourselves as a race, and something that must be cured if we are to ever see any change in the future.

More on this in my coming articles.