As it is, Before we begin, let us open with a quote extracted from one of the greatest National Socialists alive today. "The sword has been drawn, there is no going back." - Brandon Russell. Confusion is and always has been the number one evil that yields only enemy results. We shall silence all misinformation, all movementarian babblings about lackluster mass strategy and/or mass terror. We, the harbingers of truth, stand to be the only source of wisdom as it is. In the name of SIEGE we cast away the darkness, we bring forth what has been attempted but has failed in times past. Indeed, the sword has been drawn. Our culture of truth is what has been established against impossible odds, and may you liberate your own soul by your own means. Universal Order is as of right now uncharted territory. In this first of several sermons to come, we shall continue where James Mason... Read More

Gnosis of Existential Apartheid

As it is, The countdown to this Earthly cycle, as prophecized by Saint John of the Apocalypse, is coming to a very violent close. What we have said before is no empty platitude nor hand wringing reactionary assertions. SIEGEKULTUR are Prophets. Like those in the Bible, the Prophets that will not be heard, that will be lied about and smeared, and misrepresented by the achrons of the Demiurge for the sole purpose of maintaining total enslavement over the souls of humanity. With every new arrest, and the System underlings rejoicing in it, this is an example of what we have said long ago on how those within Plato's cave are not being manipulated or duped by any sort of puppet master. These people have willingly and happily locked themselves into their own prisons, threw away their own keys, and thanked the wardens for their imprisonment... Read More

With Us or With The Police State!

As it is, George Lincoln Rockwell once declared; TO HELL WITH THE RIGHT WING! Ironmarch then declared; TO HELL WITH THE ALT RIGHT! Siegekultur, in all of our wisdom, now declares; TO HELL WITH THE SYSTEM! The System, or as we shall name it by its true name – THE SYSTEMATIC DEMIURGE – has launched its new arm of unlawful persecution against those who wish to cast away the darkness of the world. Even by all legalistic means, the pigs and their handlers could not sit back and just allow the Struggle to persist, even as the Struggle remains within the realms of the law. James Mason once stressed in SIEGE that the last yielding form of resistance was TOTAL DROP-OUT. There are no more friends to be had, no more masses to recruit, no more forms of operations to be undertaken. As I’ve stated before, everything is happening as it should be happening. The Demiurge lives via the enslavement of you all... Read More

The Judgement and the End

The book of Matthew is a significant book in the Bible, as it gives us a descriptive account of the dead of Jesus Christ. What is outlined is no other than the consequences of two of Christ’s anomalies; having the truth in his possession, and surrounding himself with those also in possession of the truth. The outcome of the two resulting ultimately in the beast System – at the time – coming together to forever cast out the one who acted as a thorn in the side of those in control and the people who relished in said control. As it goes, the best way to examine ancient history is to only observe the people around you and take note of their behavior and actions. With this said, we can conclude that Matthew’s description of Jesus’ execution is nothing new. As the same exact thing – although less brutal – takes place in today’s world. Whether it be the total... Read More

Mark of the Beast

The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle (or, The Revelation) is a major book in the Bible, in fact, it is the last book of the New Testament. What is depicted paints a damn-near portrayal of the current trends that are a culminating build up since the fall of the Third Reich. What we have in this book is an estimate what will be witnessed at the climax of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is told by Moses in the book of Deuteronomy the method of negating the mark of the Beast, which is highlighted within the Revelation as being a figurative speculation; “a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads”. What could this speculation be? Most Christians would suggest that this is referring to some sort of one-world government headed by a Super Tyrant (or the Anti-Christ). Nowhere in Revelation does it mention the Anti-Christ. Rather, the Anti-Christ is introduced by John in his First and Second Epistles, not referring to “end-game” common-placed Christian myth... Read More

No Response?

I am compelled to end the ongoing and ever relenting state of affairs surrounding the Movement today. In essence, we have been notified of a Movementarian renaissance currently taking hold – the fear of people who advocate for SIEGE running amuck in their social circles and becoming a bad influence on the direction of their downward spiral. Even in some cases, leadership types out-right telling their loyal followers that they aren’t even allowed to read any of our books nor talk about them with threats of black listing those few who might get any funny ideas of stepping out of the party line. It’s a disgrace that the so-called vanguard of the white race has stooped down into levels of absolute paranoia of their henchmen gaining any sort of independent thought or even carving out their own personal... Read More

The Movementarian Menace

Many of you might be new to the term “movementarian” as it is a word I picked up from a colleague of mine with the work on the website, aesthetic and content. The Worldview page, while incomplete, has still been in the process of being a truly completed analysis of what Universal Order is by covering the factors that were glanced over or not elaborated upon within SIEGE. However, questions and concerns of where we stand on certain issues have been rather mundane in nature, which was to be expected when the Movementarian has subjected National Socialism down to a level of “National Socialism in the year of 2017 is akin to Conservatism in the 1950s”. From our observations, and our outside view of the movement, our finger has stopped being pointed towards the AltRight or the System of Government (Jews, white traitors). There is something much deeper, much more sinister happening (or rather, exists) within white people... Read More

Pyramid Upside-down: The Passing of Charles Manson

We have seen developing lately from the controlled news media, the borderline hyper-paranoia that they still seem to harvest within their own minds about Charles Manson. November 19th, 2017 was the day that marked Manson’s freedom from the confines of the prison system, and even with no evidence of any of the crimes that he has been, his face still remains to be as popular as recognized brands all across the world. Take for instance what Huffpost said about him, “Charles Manson is dead now, and we are the richer for it. Manson was a thief, a pimp and a murderous cult leader bent on race war. He was true scum.” You have to wonder if it is really Charlie with the wild imagination. No, what we see right now is a repeat of 1969 with the same terror and fear that is currently being exploited for the purposes of making money and cursing a man who is a System scapegoat for doing the impossible... Read More

Now that We have your Attention...

Where to begin… With the development of this shooting that took place in a church in Texas, the usual, and expected, Right Wing cranks have created another Frankenstein monster of conspiracy theories. We’re familiar with the story, so we will not give our own analysis on it, for those who are interested a quick Google search will suffice to get the story as presented by the mass media. Nothing really more to say about it other than be careful of what you read coming from our incompetent news media. This story, concerning us and our position, was born through the usual /pol/ message boards, which is what fuels the fire of these conspiracy theories that develop, and it bypassed the realms of those boards and found its way onto Twitter and other social networking platforms. On one hand, there’s the side saying this was the work of Antifa, on the other hand we have those who believe the Nazis were behind this... Read More