Wōđanaz, Othin, Wotan, Odin. As of late norse mythology has seen a great revival of interest. Between popular shows like Vikings and the rise of the alt-right moventarians, people have been grasping for this ancient white religion as a preservation of “tradition” and return to the ancient past. Particular interest has been given to Wōđanaz, the chief and most mysterious of the Germanic Gods. But can someone trapped in the fetters of movement orthodoxy really understand a being such as Wōđanaz? Can a movement which consistently obscures it’s genuine positions in order to appeal to masses who hate it have anything in common with a God whom only the most elite of warriors dared to call their patron? Can anyone who seeks mass appeal truly hope to earn the attention of a Deity who is based in Royalty? And for whom the greatest of kings and warriors are lucky to serve as sword arms in The Coming Battle? Wōđanaz demands the cunning, the unique and the brave. He has nothing in common with cowardly movementists who hide... Read More