December 10, 2019

The Universal Order of the Death's Head

The Universal Order of the Death's Head

by À rebours

Before we begin, a word of acknowledgement and support from the Professor to all our ideological brothers in arms who must continue their struggle from inside the System's Grey Zone.

     "Take note: the best men end up as outlaws, fugitives, or prisoners. While the people who have done this to them are the hypocrite defenders of the law"

- Raffaele Cutolo

It should go without saying at this point that we here at SIEGE KULTUR are the Idealists, that is to say our worldview is profoundly influenced by a belief in a transcendental Truth, to wit Universal Order.

And what is Universal Order?

Well, to be able to unlock any Truth one must first have in their possession the right kind of key. And what, you ask, is the key to unlocking the Truth of Universal Order? That, mein freund, can be found in the alchemical/heraldic symbolism used in the Great Seal of SIEGE itself. It is explained as follows...

The Great Architect

The hand pictured holding the Scales of Justice is to be understood as that aspect of the otherwise Ineffable which makes itself known through the engendering of isolate consciousness, this One which begets the All. He is God, and yet not God in its totality, but only that aspect of the transcendental Truth behind Universal Order that our minds, at this stage of Humanity's evolutionary progress, are capable of perceiving.

The Scales and the Swastika, or 1 + 1 = 3

The Scale of Justice is a metaphor for our psychic potential. More specifically it is a representation of that ideal state of being which, once attained, allows us to finally perceive reality "as it is" beyond the limiting binary of mere Self(Subjectivity) and Other(Objectivity). Down then, through his own "inner Earth", must each man descend if he is to gain access to the thrice-honored throne of his in-dwelling divinity. So that he doesn't lose his way in the darkness his god sends him a messenger of light in the shape of the Sun-Wheel.

The World

All this psychic activity is superimposed over the Ouroboros, the cycle of Eternal Recurrence. For it is here, through this karmic cycle of Birth/Death/Rebirth, that the great evolutionary Mystery shows its hand.

And lo! The Great Wheel turns again round the central axis of Consciousness for another Age...

Deus et natua non faciunt frusta