August 19, 2019

The Tin Soldier

The Tin Soldier

by Bob Igelston

The term “Tin Soldier” was an insult going back to the early 1900s in which we feel we should bring back, now what is the meaning of such an insult? Well it’s used to describe a person who talks all about going to war and playing soldier then when REAL WAR comes they’re nowhere to be seen, where are these people? Running away and making excuses and attacking those who call him out for what he is, a coward.

Of course you can see why, a Tin Soldier is but an idealized version of what a soldier looks like - all clean and well kept with his fancy rifle and smiling - though in reality war isn’t something that’s fun, clean or even fair at all. The reality is this, War has no rules, War has no morality, War is just nature itself and if you want to go around thinking that you can just march into some city with a gun and order the niggers and race traitors and kikes to leave and they’ll just magically go away then you’re going to die a very brutal death since you clearly don’t know reality and that’s the number one thing you’ll need to survive, knowing the reality of a situation and knowing how to deal with it properly.

We’ve seen these faggots come online talking about how “muh morals!” and “muh code of honor!” in response to me saying 'race traitor Randy' is getting his head caved in with a rock when proper time comes, while at the same time they spout their predictable and mediocre tripe talking about "DUDE RACE WAR!" what an oxymoron this is don’t you think? Adolf Hitler said it best himself that “I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature.” and “Close your hearts to pity.” If Adolf Hitler said these things today he’d be shunned by these Tin Soldiers for not being "moral", and would probably be accused of being tied in with the tired "Noctulian" conspiracy theory.

We find it funny the same people who attack us are the ones who claim to be the truest followers of Mason's ideas and Adolf Hitler, yet do the exact opposite of some of the things they state because - again - they’re Tin Soldiers and use all of this as a hobby. It’s a costume for them, similar to a furry faggot wearing his fursuit and getting a boner pretending to be a wolf, while the tin soldier dresses in camo and holds a gun he won’t ever use on anybody and gets a boner pretending to be a revolutionary. We see no real differences there except Furries are open about their faggotry rather than hiding it like the Tin Soldier does.

A good comparison is the armchair marxist revolutionaries of today who think that one day the entire rich (excluding Jews of course) will just disappear and everyone will become a marxist overnight when they take power. Sure you can talk about revolution all you want but at the end of the day you’re just a pussy and a coward who plays dress up and attack those who expose you as such.

Soon a rain will come which is when shit hits the fan and believe me the rain will cause the Tin Soldier to rust and crumble into nothing similar to how they’ll be in reality when a real race war comes, nothing, nothing at all that will be forgotten. This is the fate of all Tin Soldiers. This is their destiny of how they’re nothing but a dead end.