June 12, 2019

The Revisionist Plague

The Revisionist Plague

by Bob Igelston

When thinking of those who water down fascism and try to make it more appealing for people who are more interested in using the “title” rather than going through with full commitment. Everything from removing all the “yucky” parts and painting it as an ideology of “love”, all the way to making arguments to the effect of “see look at these Black Wehrmacht Soldiers in Germany’s African Colonies! See we love blacks and aren’t racist!”

A term comes to mind, Revisionism. What does this term mean and where does it come from? Well, the term revisionism was popularized by Chairman Mao, then later more traditional Marxists using the term to describe those watering down the ideology in an attempt to make it more “PR” friendly and nice looking with compromises and publicity moves. Especially in the Post-Stalin USSR in which such a term of “Revisionist” was used to describe them due to Khrushchev’s compromises and undoing of Marxist ideas in the USSR as well as other undoings of Stalin Era and Lenin Era ideas.

Of course this was only within Marxist/Leftist Ideas with this watering down and revisionism that affected them, but like any plague it can spread.

Now within Fascism we have the same issues. Assholes watering it down with either ideas like “National Socialism is about ‘Love’ not ‘Hate’ with ‘Violence’ against our enemies!” or, more hilariously – “I’m a Fascist and National Socialism isn’t Fascism because Fascism isn’t Racist but Multiracial with a single culture!” Plain and simple, these people are a massive threat, more so than even the Jews in my opinion. Because they spread their poison amongst our ranks which in turn pacifies our comrades, keeping them in a lemming state of mind.

The biggest supplier of this poison is Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer which is openly against violence of any kind and instead instills false hope into system candidates like Trump. We must stop calling these people Fascists or National Socialists or any term of that sort for that matter. We must call them what they are, Revisionists and how they are not us and are in fact our enemies because we aren’t a branch of Fascism/National Socialism, we are the only true ones! All else are pretenders and wannabes who only do us harm and can only be our enemies, the moment we start treating them as such is the moment we become more independent as our own because us and only us hold the truth, all else are revisionist scum.