June 14, 2019

The Islamic Example

The Islamic Example

by Bob Igelston

Something that I have been amazed and have heavy respect for is the mentality of Fundamentalist Muslims, their mindset of “Our enemies love life, We love death” is something to recognize, and I might add that we MUST adopt ourselves. Now what does the phrase “Our enemies love life, We love death” even mean to us? Well it means simply put, our enemies are afraid to die and thus love their lives and thus leads them to cowardice and not taking things all the way, while those who utter the phrase – in this case Fundamentalist Muslims – aren’t afraid of death and actually embrace such a idea of martyrdom, if they die they go Jannah (Islamic Heaven) and are blessed by Allah, if they live then they continue on fighting until death because neither life nor death matters to these people, only their faith and ideas.

The worst sin to ever commit to these people is cowardice and surrendering to the enemy, Hitler himself admired this same dedication in the Japanese people, a people willing to die for their Emperor and do anything (which was a mentality that kept Japanese troops fighting until the 1970s even) and if Germany had such a mentality and many generals weren’t the coward traitors they were then maybe Germany would have won WW2, but now is not a time to think over what if type questions though. George Lincoln Rockwell once stated that only failure is immoral, as well as James Mason at one point during the Bob Larson debate that if he has committed any sins then they are sins of omission.

Regardless, this is exactly why the system is terrified of these people in the middle east, since they refuse to have their homes taken over by Jews in the cases of groups like The Taliban who fight tooth and nail to keep them out (which seems to be paying off), something that is to be respected and admired and this goes all the way back to the time of Muhammad himself to even when europeans first experienced it en masse for the first time during the crusades when the muslims drove european crusaders out of former arab lands in the levant and elsewhere. Only reactionaries and right wingers would take the side of America (the enemy of the whole planet).

This mentality is something we certainly should adopt ourselves because it’s the truth. To surrender, to betray, to beg forgiveness from the enemy and to value your own life above the ideas of our own is something to feel shame in and something to abandon for certain. I want radicals, those young men willing to put down their lives for our ideas no matter the cost. Our ideas are a religion of itself and betraying those ideas should be considered a sin because a true religion is the truth and so to is our ideas the truth itself. One should dedicate their lives to such a thing. I do so myself and I’m proud of it.

I can draw similarities between myself and these muslims under the simple fact in their beginnings in the late 20th century in the more modern rendition of Islamic Extremism, they too faced Revisionists, Pussies, Movementarians, Tin Soldiers etc. who denounced them (and still do) back when they were the minority. Now they dominate the Islamic Political Scene in most areas and even control large areas of nations for themselves. I too wish to see people like ourselves dominate the Fascist Political Scene with our ideas, something that is already happening with more and more young people reading and following our ideas more than ever and it doesn’t seem to be stopping despite the whining of Jews and Traitors and other enemies alike. Even if the Jews – including the system itself – were to get rid of us in the sense of arresting writers like myself, taking down this website or even outright killing men like James Mason, I’d have to say it’d be a useless action considering with the magic of the internet. The ideas are already out there, it’s like trying to stop water from coming into a sinking ship with a children’s beach bucket thinking that will get rid of the water if you try hard enough. In other words, the cat is out of the bag and there is no stopping it. Though seeing how the system cronies are desperately trying to stop the collapse of this system that same way, I wouldn’t put it past them at all.

After all, what is a “Jihad” if not a spiritual cleansing?

It’s only inevitable to have happen the same thing that happened with modern muslim radicals happen on our end if you will. I mean we’re currently facing the same movement issues they faced and I find hope that just as they overcame those pussy losers, so shall we. With the internet, those days only come closer and closer as our ideas spread though this can be done by all of you dear readers dedicating your lives to this and spreading these ideas to those we need for us to reach success. Only then will we “see the promised land” if you will.