September 19, 2019

The Dual Aspects of SIEGE Terror

The Dual Aspects of SIEGE Terror

by À rebours

Total Attack.

Total Drop-Out.

These are the two paths SIEGE KULTUR offers to the aspiring karma kamikaze.

The Path of Total Attack - This is the type of open warfare practiced by extroverts, showmen/shaman, and the natural "born leaders." Here, the SIEGE KULTURIST will typically gather about him a group of dedicated followers (human batteries, if you will) which, when properly trained, he can then utilize as his shock theater troopers to ideologically terrorize his bourgeois targets into submission with. Well orchestrated public displays of psychic obedience and physical force, implied or otherwise. It must be stressed though that such displays are never for the benefit of his chosen herd followers. For even though the SIEGE KULTURIST might portray himself as an altruistic "man of the people" he himself is never actually one of them. Instead, he ruthlessly achieves his desired ends through an apparent contradiction, a contradiction which both stimulates and sates his most sadistic impulses all while seeming to appear as a selfless saint.

The Path of the Total Drop-Out - By contrast, the path of the Total Drop-Out requires no such private army. Secretiveness and self-reliance are the defining characteristics of these solitary soldiers we vaguely sense hunting along the front lines of the Invisible War. And if the Total Attack artist is a pure magician then the Total Drop-Out operative is the quintessential sorcerer/worker of evil. Armed with a "black trinity" of psychic gifts, imagination, concentration, and a Satanic will, the Drop'd-Out SIEGE KULTURIST is content to work in the shadows, his name and face never known, but his power felt nonetheless. Thus, having no recognizable public persona to maintain, he is then free to focus his time and energies on creating a Total Environment of his own. And it is from the remote recesses of these aesthetically attuned inner sanctums/black magic bunkers that the Drop'd Out SIEGE KULTURISTs are able to further refine their respective individual waveforms. Good hunting!

Now as to which path one chooses...

That, as we say here at SIEGE KULTUR, is your responsibility, and yours alone. We neither condone nor condemn the actions of others. We endure here solely to educate and spread the truth of Universal Order as revealed to the Elect among us.

Amen/Hail Satan!