August 12, 2019

Terrorism is a Racket

Terrorism is a Racket

by À rebours

     "A strategy of tension is a policy wherein violent struggle is encouraged rather than suppressed. It is usually associated when governments, or security apparatuses within a government, allow or even encourage extremist groups to perform attacks, bombings, murders, and the like. In extreme circumstances, it can even involve agent provocateurs and false flag operations where a terrorist threat is outright invented or created. The goal in such strategies is that such a struggle will rally support behind the military or police forces opposing the radicals, to radicalize opposing movements so that they can be better marginalized, or to permit loosely allied extremist groups to attack enemies of the government. As few organizations would openly say that they are pursuing a strategy of tension, accusations generally come from opponents that such a strategy is being pursued."

- From the Wikipedia definition

"Kept in line with truncheons
Rifle butts and truncheons
This is state control, this is state control
State control, state control, this is state control"

- Discharge

All terrorism is determined by the System.

Every mass shooting.

Every bombing.

Every convenient suicide.

Every regime change.

Blinded by the Binary, the masses only too willingly accept the "either/or" presented to them by the System. They are sheep, whilst in the forests lurk wolves. Wolves masquerading as Left and Right wing "extremists". Today the wolves wear the uniforms of "neo-Nazis", tomorrow those of Antifa. But underneath their borrowed rags the wolves remains always wolves, ravening apolitical wolves.

And lo, the ideologically indifferent wolves are in (secret) service of the System.

Are shielded from prosecution for their crimes by the System.

Are nurtured and "fed" by the System.

For the System needs it wolves in order to keep its sheep in a state of perpetual terror lest the sheep attempt to flee to a greener pasture.

And the System needs its wayward sheep in order to justify its use of the wolves.

And the weak-willed sheep need the System in order to protect themselves from predation by the wolves...

And this gruesome cycle of preadatorial exploitation continues ad infinitum, ad nauseam. This portrait of the System as an eternally self-sustaining slaughterhouse upon whose entrance gates reads written in thine own blood, "Democracy."