September 3, 2019

SIEGE Gnosis and the Death of the Systemic Demiurge

SIEGE Gnosis and the Death of the Systemic Demiurge

by À rebours


Fear is the root of all evil. It is the force by which the System maintains its control over Humanity. Every new law enacted is but another link in that enslaving chain, and the System is the slave master of the Law. But this is the law of the low-born hereditary slave and not of the wise and true master. For the System itself is merely a distorted reflection of the truth embodied in Universal Order, yet in its madness, the System takes itself to be that transcendal source of that very same truth which itself fears most.

And Light is the enemy of the Law. The Light is the true Gnosis of SIEGE consciousness, hence the System's desire to cloak itself in darkness. In darkness, the System's servitors, acting like some malignant prism, bend the light of Truth into shadow so that the once liberating word of Universal Order is now warped and distorted and made unintelligible. The life-affirming now made into the death-desiring. The Idealist into the Materialist. The Immortalist into the Atheist. And so on. And it is from these ideological prisons that the System then is then able to "institutionalize" Humanity into the state of abject wretchedness it finds itself in today. For the System has criminalized the very soul of Man!

Knowing all this...

Will you remain a prisoner to the System?

Will you remain its ideological field-nigger?

Will you recant before the fires of the on-line Inquisition and avow that two plus two really does equal five?

Or will you instead choose to heed the serpent's good counsel concerning the state of your prison and the true nature of your gaoler?

Awake! Your liberation will be Lightning, Sun, and Thunder, Perfect Mind! Pashupatatastra!

Zarathustra, in his solitude, contemplated the truth of this atop his mountain, as did Jesus when he took up his righteous scourge and chased away the money-lenders from the temple. In our age, we've seen George Lincoln Rockwell, Joseph Tommasi, Charles Manson, William Luther Pierce, and James Mason renew this struggle for the soul and sake of Humanity. This struggle is now yours too.