June 14, 2019

Race Mixing

Race Mixing

by Bob Igelston

A topic that is very talked about in our circles and talked as this major issue is Race Mixing. From the Alt Right to even our circles it is considered a major issue of our time. This line of thinking was of course popularized by both Rockwell and Dr. Pierce, which during their times this was a real issue to worry over since Interracial Marriages were legalized and people had the worse fears.

I don’t see why everyone makes it out to be this big thing, even going by statistics last time I checked the interracial marriage rate in the United States was less than 1% and a good chunk of those weren’t even white+ anything for that matter, it was something like Black+Latino being the most common interracial marriage out there. None of this of course came as a surprise to me because from my experience the only white people who racemix do so out of desperation considering even the most liberal lemming out there from the ones I met would never be willing to bed down with a black, it’s disgusting for them but they keep that on the downlow and keep parroting what they’re meant to be saying for social points.

I remember Dr. Pierce stating similar things in his speech about taking responsibility on how most whites understand and agree with us whether they’ll admit to it or not, the issue is that they’re massive cowards who don’t want to speak up out of fear of social retribution. Where I live, people around here despise blacks but they’ll only speak about it in private only but never in public, I’ve met young leftist women by me who even they will admit they hate blacks and other races if you hang around them long enough, not that I’d recommend that. But to get back to my point race mixing is statistically for white people, a non-issue, it’s hard to change that biological instinct in our brains that sees other races as exactly that, others.

The only whites that seem to be into race mixing these days are useless whites who don’t deserve to be in the gene pool anyways from fat/mentally ill white whores who bed down with non-whites because no white guy (or any decent guy for that matter regardless of race) would fuck their nasty body/crazy ass or the most common for white race mixing, beta loser white guys who can’t get a girlfriend so they instead get some asian girl who’s only with them for status of dating a white guy (yeah that’s actually a thing for a lot of various non-white girls, it’s some retarded status symbol for them, mestizos have this too but I forget the term they use for it).

Honestly though the white betas who fuck asians are the most fun to talk to from my experience considering they’ll do olympic grade mental gymnastics justifying their decision and are the definition of sour grapes in how they make claims how “all white women are whores anyways, I’m dating asian girls by choice because I didn’t want to deal with those bitches because the real betas are guys who fuck white girls *proceeds to endlessly share images of fat white women while using cherry picked pictures of asian girls made to look good with photoshop and hours worth of makeup*” It’s pathetic really but in a funny way.

I regard Race Mixing the same way I regard abortion, it should be banned by a moral society but the only white people involved in it today shouldn’t be in the gene pool in the first place so hey it’s the closest thing to legal eugenics we got in this rotten civilization and seeing that there is an ever increasing rate of interracial relationships leading to one or more people involved killing each other and usually their offspring (or in the case of Asian Female+White Male their offspring kills them among a slew of other people), I view this problem as pretty self correcting from my point of view.

The bigger issue for me is faggotry because race mixers aren’t out targeting children for their own sexual pleasure considering a lot of them have this “corruption” fetish especially in regards to children, now that is a problem that must be addressed and exposed in its full detail as the problem it is. I’m more worried over Travis the Tranny getting a hard on corrupting my son into a freak show for their own pleasure than I am worried over Jamal down the street. Though this will be a separate article all together when it comes to these perverts and the damage they can cause and the true evilness of them as the topic deserves to be discussed in such a matter.