June 7, 2019

Pyramid Upside-down: The Passing of Charles Manson

Pyramid Upside-down: The Passing of Charles Manson

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We have seen developing lately from the controlled news media, the borderline hyper-paranoia that they still seem to harvest within their own minds about Charles Manson. November 19th, 2017 was the day that marked Manson’s freedom from the confines of the prison system, and even with no evidence of any of the crimes that he has been accused of committing, his face still remains to be as popular as recognized brands all across the world.

Take for instance what Huffpost said about him, “Charles Manson is dead now, and we are the richer for it. Manson was a thief, a pimp and a murderous cult leader bent on race war. He was true scum.” You have to wonder if it is really Charlie with the wild imagination.

No, what we see right now is a repeat of 1969 with the same terror and fear that is currently being exploited for the purposes of making money and cursing a man who is a System scapegoat for doing the impossible.

Within Fascist/Occult/etc circles, you will find that there is much more exposure to who or what Charles Manson was, simply because these other fringe groups of society receive the same treatment of blackout that Manson did while in prison. What gives these circles more credibility is the fact that we have received the same alienation from society and therefore can identify with those who have dropped out from the norm and, in effect, told these lemmings with a death wish to go to hell. This is the major weak point of the System’s propaganda machine, as the more alienated you become, the better Charlie will look to you.

We are not an offshoot of ATWA, outside of James Mason, no one associated with Siegeculture has had regular contact with Manson or his family, nor do we necessarily speak for Manson (as Manson can only represent himself), but what we do is represent his ideas as we have comprehended them as being the only true way of our survival in a blackening world.

The war against pollution has already failed, and Helter Skelter (according to those who made up the rumor) is going to be the dire result of no one paying attention to what is happening to their world. What we can expect from this is society getting what it truly deserves by rejecting the King.

     To save the people from themselves it would take a greater fear than the earth has ever seen.

– Charles Manson

What is the ultimate irony of the whole case is, that while Manson himself has become a product while he is locked away without protest, he still has the last laugh. As Manson invoked Abraxas, the deity of the eternal now, a state of mind that we would call now as Universal Order from its influence. Manson being separated from the dogma, superstition and norms of society has in effect created his own reality in which no one could enter or disrupt. Manson himself cannot be affected by what the System may try to do just to bring him down. Manson, even now that he is dead, has let the cat out of the bag, and is unstoppable.

This is evident in quotes from the same Huffpost article, “Apocalyptic lunacy has always been part of far-right politics, and a vigorous strain of it runs through today’s alt-right white supremacist movement. It should come as no surprise, then, that Manson, whose once-upon-a-time status as a longhair could never obscure the swastika carved into his forehead, might serve as a new vessel of madness for today’s violent racists. In many ways, he was a forebear of groups like Atomwaffen and a bug-eyed prototype for the modern race warrior.” The media is attempting, as it has always done, to do Manson’s thinking for him to condition people to not think for themselves about the myth surrounding Manson. The breed of alienated children however are capable of seeing right through this, and even praising the media for projecting Manson in such a powerful way, since the mythos has granted Manson unimaginable strength by the media giving power to him.

It only proves our point further and further.

Perhaps something is to all of this, the so-called Family breaking away from society in racial unity and spiritual harmony and prepping for what will be the end of the world as we know it. Although, to us and them, the world already ended and no one has woken up to it yet. The only remaining option for our survival is to prevent ourselves from being taken down by the collapse.

The Family had the right idea about this. Manson who was raised within the prison system was able to see this fully and clearly as he was never conditioned or trapped within the dogmas that surround our society, so by default he was able to keep a clear mind and work towards a realistic objective.

Self sustainability is what terrifies the pigs the most.

Even with their genocidal agenda, it does not help that Manson has become a figure of myth and wonder like what happened with Adolf Hitler. The powers these men share were granted to them by their sworn enemies, and only makes them appeal more to the throw away children. We cannot be fooled any longer.

This is not to say that even within these alienated circles absolutely everyone is queued into what is really going on.

     World War II – when millions of people died trying to put order back into the world it was covered up and lied about.

– Charles Manson

What is universally familiar with us, the right wing (or alt right) will denounce this man as a crazed lunatic, while simultaneously being the first to call out “fake news” whenever it is posted. Society’s conditioning has even infiltrated our supposed “allies”, because it does not take an absolute genius to objectively look at Manson and take the good from the bad, and realize the majority of the bad comes from deliberate distortion that is put out by Manson’s worst enemies. Anyone who believes anything the media has to say is playing into the System’s hands.

In a more sinister view of this situation, what Manson represents scares the right wing schemers. Being the fakers they are, their egos are threatened by Manson because of what he simply represents. Manson’s way does not include the top figureheads that scoff at him, and Manson becoming more understood would mean their egos and livelihoods being damaged. Them making money off of our Struggle would come to a complete stop if everyone they were fooling discovered the truth about Manson, as Manson deals with only truth and what is really going on without the political baggage that is usually regurgitated from the right wing. A faker can never fool the truth.

     The news gives you 5% of what’s going on and even that’s distorted.

     The Iron Cross is far above and beyond the cross of wood.

     The government of the U.S. is at war with their children and the powers of nature and God, and have grown so far and above their own judgements that the Waffen SS are coming back from space left over in dreams.

     See, you got to realize there’s no slack in my act … You don’t know how to survive. You’re weak. You have emotions, you play little games with your mind. You chase your tail.

– Charles Manson

As an additional bonus to this piece, James Mason has offered the Charles Manson Photo Gallery. These include images of Manson that I guarantee no one has ever seen before except for a small minority. A lot of these photographs however are in need of some context, which is what will be added in due time for the viewer’s understanding, but it is long over due that many of these photographs surfaced and got shared everywhere by all of you.

Click HERE to view the full Gallery!

We hope everyone is satisfied with these gems!

     I don’t believe the Nazis will come back in SS hats and boots; they will probably be people living in peace and harmony.

     Why should I care about people who don’t care about themselves? They all want someone else to do it all for them. They all want to be “saved,” but they won’t make the first move to save themselves. They just sit around and wait for someone else to come to their rescue and save them. They’re all crying for Jesus to come back to save them. AGAIN. All I have to say is how god damn many times do they expect him to keep coming back anyway!? Every time he comes back they give him nothing but shit. He came back during the thirties in Germany and they still haven’t stopped whining about it.

– Charles Manson

Ritualistic Manson bloodletting piece, by Vincent Snyder. Picture of Manson from Art-Music-Politics, Pulse of Portland Magazine.

And now the finale, we at Siegeculture have all come together to pay our deepest respects for the man, the myth, the legend. Let our words echo through time, and resonate with the spirit of Manson and in harmony with Universal Order!

Eulogy by James Mason

On the evening of November 19th the world lost perhaps the last of the living giants. As of the moment of this writing it’s too early for me to know exactly how the media will handle this. It could run the gamut all the way from a significant splash – albeit from the sick and evil mass killer angle – to practically a non-mention. We shall soon see.

Either way, it will point up something important that was expressed to me years ago by one of the Manson women. She said that it was necessary to view civilization and society as a pyramid, with the broadest of the common masses across the bottom and with the specialization gradually increasing until the point at the top is reached where the leader should be found. Right enough.

As was usually the case where the Manson family and his philosophy was concerned, a lot of the usual wordiness of the movement was dispensed with when she went on to say that today’s civilization and society was like unto a pyramid turned upside-down, with the commonalities now across the top and with the true leader at the dead bottom. That, of course, would be Manson.

That would mean to those of us in the know that the King is dead.

To all the many rest – well, we know how they’ll be misled by this event.

There’s just something about reality. It doesn’t give a damn how it may be perceived or by how many. Never a matter of “belief” but rather whether you recognize it or not and whether you then are with it or not. Reality is not affected by this. But YOU are. If ever there was a no-bullshit individual, it was Charles Manson. He was so no-bullshit that the times were many when he would be difficult to comprehend, so accustomed to relating in terms of bullshit were the rest.

This same woman had gone on to state that the rest of the family was comparable to the moon which only reflected the light of the sun. That sun, of course, was Manson.

A book was written long ago having to do with the invasion of alien thought patterns into the minds of Western man. It was titled, “The Battle for the Mind” and I believe its author was William Sargent. It is, after all, a battle for the mind. The enemy can’t now nor ever could take us in direct, military confrontation and so he has been confined to mind poisoning via the media and academia he long ago took care to monopolize. The job he has performed has truly been an amazing one. He has taken a race of magnificent people and turned them into a mob of shuffling, liberalized zombies. The very final step is complete race-mixing and then they’ll have been extinct. Mission accomplished.

Manson saw and understood this. It is very simple and basic. That is unless you are too much in love with the old forms and institutions – those which also have been usurped and compromised by the enemy – to be willing and able to see things as they are. To do this requires great intellect, great instinct and great courage. We recognize that there are no longer any physical frontiers on this earth to which to repair in order to make a new beginning. And so it came down to a frontier of the MIND if a break from a poisoned and dead past was to be affected and a start into a fresh new future was to be achieved.

How many or how few are willing or even capable of undertaking this?

Literally afloat in a sea of enemy milieu, the challenge has become to HANG ON to what we’ve got and to not drown in the same poison that is consuming the rest on an ever increasing rate. There can be no running. There can be only a temporary escape from reality. And how many are attempting that route? Not very becoming at all.

“The Man Who Brought the Sixties to a Close”. “The Man Who Ended the Age of the Hippies”. These are among the titles given to Charles Manson even by the enemy media. And if that were to be where it stopped, he would still be worthy of strong recognition.

“I was raised up by the System.” Manson rightly claimed. “In the ‘hallways of the always’, he would term it. And then he achieved temporary freedom only to find that it didn’t work as described. What he also found was a world significantly changed from that he had bid goodbye years before when once more incarcerated. In socio-historic terms, things were changing fast. And not for good. The rottenness of the System was a given. The bankruptcy of the values was there to be seen. But it was the colored menace which was paramount. But naturally all of this old and entrenched rottenness was exclaiming the “goodness” of so-called “equality”, the gutted “values” had no answer. People began falling like flies.

Those to whom fortune really smiled and who became close to him found that which had been missing in their comfortable, middle-class lives, especially the women. The same woman also told me that millionairesses would have their chauffeurs drive them hundreds of miles just so that they might be properly made love to by Manson. (In olden Anglo-Saxon times, the illegitimate offspring of the King would attach “Fitz” to their surnames and so I wonder how many of those we have running around today.)

Then to the opposite side, when that sun should go out or when its light should become blocked, separated for any reason, too many will fall back to whatever they had been in the beginning. We witnessed that with some of the family just as we saw it with some of the high-ups from the Third Reich. Sometimes and for some people there is such a thing as tragedy too great to bear.

From the moment of the announcement that Manson was critically ill and, in essence, the death watch began, discussions would be taking place between those of us who realized the significance of this and the content and the tone would be so very sterling and profound that I would stop and interject that this was now Manson talking. And so, next to the practically irrelevant question of how the media may choose to handle this, the far more important question of, “What can we expect now?” begins to find its own answer.

No one lives forever and yet there are those who do achieve immortality within their own lifetimes. Manson is one of these. Had he departed this life forty years ago, it would have been the same as it is now. Prison he seemed not to mind. As he said of it, “You can’t punish an innocent person.” And so, for him, it was something else. What those ensuing forty years accounted for was the chance for a great many people – myself included – to get to know him on a personal level and be benefitted thereby.

Legend and immortality are about one and the same thing. It would be hard to discover any legend greater than that of “Helter Skelter”. However skewed, it is literally the stuff of which immortality is’ made. The capturing of the mass imagination. The enemy media is helpless to do any other than IK contribute to this. There is the marker between the commonplace and the eternally significant.

To either fish or cut bait. The erstwhile survivalists along with the racialists, etc. The end-of-timers. Those who attend rallies to protect the environment and then, afterward, hop in their cars, drive home and turn on the electric lights. Those who may pretend to support anything but who only do so in order to be able to say, “Look at me! I am somebody!” The pigs who come after us so that they can go home at night and screw their old ladies instead of having their old ladies screw them. These are all “Mansonisms” but the roster could be endless and I borrow from it constantly.

I owe this man so much.

And I’ll continue paying this debt to the end of my own days.

“Either you pay me what you owe me or I’LL PAY YOU WHAT YOU OWE ME.” No, there is absolutely no way that all of this saga can have been in vain what with things like this taking place.

Somewhere the bottom has to be reached. Maybe Manson reached it for the rest of us.

We’re going to go on just as before, without skipping a single step.

We’re going to continue just as before, just as though Manson is still among us in this life.

Because, in working reality, he might as well be.

Self Portrait, drawn by Charles Manson for James Mason.

Eulogy by Vincent Snyder

I want to go back to the year of 2009, when I had an opportunity to discover who Manson really was as the media portrayed to be. I was 15 years old in 2009, and I was hyped about the image that our enemies made of Charlie Manson. Fast forward months later (as covered in the preface to the final appendix of SIEGE) I had recently been freshly educated on this matter. At that age it was a disappointment that Manson wasn’t a maniacal killer since that is what initially drew me towards him, but discovering the truth was something more powerful than the image that was deliberately designed by those who played with his life for their own personal gain.

Taking the risk, I reached out to Charles Manson with a very brief letter, not expecting anything back, a simple “Hello, I am so and so from here, how have you been doing?” type of letter. A few weeks went by and I received one back, one that was unmistakably from Charlie himself, however it was sent from a different outlet with no return address rather than the prison that I had addressed my letter to. Not sure how that system works, but I had a heck of a time understanding what he had told me. A spiritual connection that I felt, one that he perhaps did not share, but I certainly felt something that was more than just butterflies in my stomach.

About a week ago, I felt something in the air that was just off. Knowing Manson’s conditions in the hospital I could only link that sudden streak to his predicament. Other friends and outlets suggested to me that he may be fine, however when he was last in the hospital about a few months ago I just didn’t garner the same feeling as I did now. Following the information, I took note of any updates and returned every few hours to see new developments. While working, there was a sudden feeling that halted me in my tracks, it could not have been a coincidence since in cases like these I stopped believing in coincidences. I did rush home to find that indeed, Manson has passed away.

I think back to my earlier days of the movement, flashing back years ago where I had learned from various books and movies an unbiased approach to Charles Manson, I was in the process of reaching out to others. Charles Manson would eventually be a topic of conversation where I got the same response from just about everyone, which was just a load of crap that they learned from the Jewish controlled press. One notable experience, where I couldn’t muster the words to respond to this due to the absurdity of the comment, during a meeting of several white power groups in the area where Manson was mentioned, I was told shamelessly “I don’t like him because he killed white women.” Even now there is no such comment I can make.

Manson through the years continued ATWA, which is not a “movement” the orthodox sense, and from what I have read and paid attention to, it has been something that I have taken to heart above most (if not all) ways of life. Simply because, being engaged in what others called “the struggle”, what good is the white race if we do not have a planet Earth to live on? From a spectator’s view, this seems very in tune with your typical environmentalist outfit. However, Manson was the only person in modern times to tap into the truth like no others did. There was no scare tactics or money making schemes, only the core message that exists within the ATWA title itself. Tons of respect for him not being brought down by ego.

I do not feel it is appropriate to call him my mentor as we never knew one another, and the only way I could be exposed to him is through interviews or books. We never had direct contact after that first letter I sent him, however as I have grown up I found myself over and over again coming back to him for wisdom and guidance, and somehow he never disappointed me. His words in a way were spoken in a manner where I would always discover something that would aid me in my journey through life without disappointment. I am doubtful that this was ever intention, but this just applies to myself.

With anything of the magnitude of Charles Manson, it does take a certain kind of person to understand and comprehend him, and I am even convinced that I nor anyone else can even properly do it. What Manson represents is a long term worldview that is far above this material world. Somebody who truly was born (or has become) immortal. As Manson said, “I have no dead heroes.” In my view, Manson will never be dead. If anything, he has been set free.

Set free on that cross, or set free in the Bunker in 1945, Manson is eternal, the Pharaoh, the Shaman, the Outlaw, the Man Against Time, no words that I nor anyone can muster can pay the proper amount of respect for Charles Manson. Without further ado, we continue on as we have been, in the cause of Truth and Manson’s cause.

     Humanity is the devil.

– The Process Church of the Final Judgement

Eulogy by Oswald Nolan Woods

At the end of every mans life, once must ask himself “Did I do what God intended me to do? Did I use every last breath to make a change in the world?” A man who spent his entire life in prison couldn’t fulfill his destiny, could he? Charles Manson has proven that a man who spent so little time outside bars can make a big impact on the world. He was a true revolutionary that acted on the concept of “Dropping Out” in the philosophy of Universal Order. Although ordered and orchestrated by Tex Watson, the Tate killings of 1969 shook Hollywood to the point where other Corrupt Celebrities went into hiding to prevent the wrath that the Family could’ve inflicted.

The trial that was given to Manson can be described as a prime example of a Kangaroo Court, where Manson was legally unable to defend himself, where the prosecuting attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, had convinced the judge that Manson would use “hypnosis to brainwash the jury” to think he is innocent. While serving his life sentence, Manson preached environmentalism under the acronym A.W.T.A. meaning Air, Water, Trees, Animals, stressing that the revolution against pollution is the only way to save the Earth that we live on. Manson’s entire life has been biased against him, but like any true man, he pulled through, survived, thrived, and gave us the gift of Universal Order.

The impact that Manson had on my life has been a very significant one, and will continue to inspire me to be the best man I could be. Rest in Peace, Charles Manson.

Eulogy by Vass

The North Star is always up in the sky, shining with such radiance that anyone can identify it. It is near impossible to imagine a night sky without the North Star, shining so gorgeously against the dreary void that makes up it’s backdrop. A sky without it would be a colder, duller thing to gaze upon.

So it is that as the Outlaw Shaman passed from this material existence, he took with him some of what radiance was left for us to marvel at with him. The brilliance of his mind was as glorious as any star in any galaxy. Filled with such intricacy and detail as to reflect the very natural order of which Charlie was a lifelong servant.

Manson taught us to free our minds and return to our nature . Away from all the political jargon and emulation of dead men that goes on to this day. Manson taught us to be real men and women, fighting for the kind of Truth that still exists after every buzzword and catchphrase has been thrown aside. Manson taught Completeness, Order and Balance.

Though it is appropriate to mourn the loss of such a leader, such an American Hero as Charles Manson. Remember that Charlie was more than a man. For us, those who have taken up his dissident banner. Manson was an idea, nothing will kill Charlie truly. Because he is one with all of us, from now until the ending of the world. The flag has been lifted up high, the blood of martyrs leaving it’s crimson stain.

Charles Manson was the prophet of our time, the father of every generation since his birth. A Shepard of lost sheep, guide of wayward souls. Many of us owe Charlie more than we ever could have repaid. Even in the next world to which he now belongs, his guidance will remain our North Star. Shining brightly in anticipation of a new Dawn.

Hail Charles Manson!

Eulogy by Plato Zorba

I suppose that like for so many others my first exposure to Charles Manson was through the Bug’s Helter Skelter book/film. And for years I more or less remained blind and unwittingly believed in the System’s lies about Charles Manson and The Family. That was until I read SIEGE. SIEGE helped open my eyes to the Truth and to the Universal Order from which all Truth comes into and out of being therefrom. And just as the Truth shall, we’re told, set a body free, so too has it freed Charles Manson from the mortal constraints imposed upon him by the System’s pigs these last fortysix years of his earthly existence spent as a political prisoner.

So Rise again Charles Manson! Rise up like a phoenix from the ashes of a dead world O’ unlikely likely one! The Gods and Buddhas, the devils and demons that quicken every heaven and hell await you at the threshold between this world and the next.

     “Man is a gateway, through which from the outer world of gods, daemons, and souls ye pass into the inner world; out of the greater into the smaller world. Small and transitory is man. Already is he behind you, and once again ye find yourselves in endless space, in the smaller or innermost infinity. At immeasurable distance standeth one single Star in the zenith.”

– Carl Jung

Eulogy by Dante Aschard

The world as we know it has become a very imbalanced and ugly place. The morality of the lemming is based upon the narrative set by its ruling class. Depending on the narrative of the present: morals are subjective and overwritten. In some places, a man might murder another who raped his adolescent daughter, and yet faces greater charges from the courts and scorn from the masses than the rapist (because he is a Muslim). People are not as good as they often think, their values (more often than not) are based on a law set by pigs. Charles Manson has been described to possess the qualities of a mirror, those who look upon him often see what they are (or what they would do if they were in his position). Rather than blame themselves for their own depravity, they project it onto the outlaw.

I have always been rather analytical, ever since I was young. I have never accepted everything I see at face value. My analysis of the reality I have seen led to my initial sense of misanthropy and later my turn to Fascism. My look at the Third Reich showed me that there was some good left in the world. When it came to the case of Charles Manson and his family, I have remained neutral for a long time. My first impression was that he may be overall eccentric with a variety of crazy ramblings (though who wouldn’t be a little crazy when locked up for most of their life?), though I cast no judgement upon him. With time, I began to understand that he is perhaps one of the greatest philosophers of the age. It was after reading SIEGE and conducting further research that led to making the connection between the Fascist worldview and the blueprint of the Family (and it’s applicability, in the present). History had seen the zenith of the western aeon in the Third Reich and the death of Adolf Hitler marked the death of the west. The last place I expected to hear the voice of revolution was from Manson.

It has been said that the pyramid diagram representing hierarchy had been inverted. The pigs start at the top in the social positions of aristocracy (the bourgeois), while those of merit start at the very bottom. Unlike many so called “leaders” (whom often get caught up in a variety of abstractions and the compromise of truth): He possessed the answers that they did not provide. This struggle is beyond party politics: this is a metapolitical one, a spiritual one.

Rest in Power, Charles Manson.

May the world burn under his spectre, when Helter Skelter comes!

Eulogy by Swissdiscipline

Charles Manson has long stood as a symbol in the American consciousness as a flashpoint for all that is to be vilified by those who uphold society, rule of law and what that demographic – in one way or another – believe to be the standards of decency and morality. Manson represents, to them, the other – a vision of transgression far beyond due limits – he and his family a repository of unsound ideas and practices. The insanity of an ideologue ensconced in excess leading to bloody calamity.

To others, from the time surrounding his incarceration to the moral outrage of his image beginning to appear more and more frequently in pop culture during the family values era of the late eighties and nineties up until today, he also represents the other. A rebel in the most literal sense to the word, an icon to which those identifying with the counter-culture gravitate to but more often than not with a great deal of caution.

In the immediate – in the days since his passing there has, as expected, been a preponderance of content circulating concerning him and concerning the legal case that catapulted him into national and international infamy – a chance for capital by the media conglomerates to tap into audiences for which Vincent Bugliosi’s self-serving memoir and subsequent similarly titled film has long been stale.

Also in the immediate, among demographics who identify in one way or the other with the ‘underground’ especially – whatever that term may legitimately mean these days being more than a mystery – there has also been a preponderance of content circulating concerning Manson. This of a different thrust, but also a chance for capital – an almost risk-free way to gain personal capital, social media capital, by those seeking to give themselves the appearance of an edge utilizing a dead man’s name, fame and pastimes. A good number of these individuals who – up until a few days ago – had never passed his name from their lips except in passing, or in black humor.

Manson himself would likely have had ready polemic regarding both parties but – for both as well – also including therein an opportunity for liberation, extending an invitation to walk into that new, terrifying country beyond.

There is a third sector transcendent to those prior discussed above, this being the minute sector – the revolutionary sector – those who are on the road to that new, terrifying country beyond, those who practice Universal Order. For these in regard to Manson there is the yearning not to use but to understand and in understanding do.

Those who really want to go the way of Manson and the family can.

Unlike failed and misguided movementarians it is not necessary to navel-gaze until it has been ascertained (usually never) that “revolutionary conditions have arrived”, there is no need to stockpile illegal weapons, no need to be a fetishistic gearhead and usually take oneself out in the process by legal misadventure.

The path to painting oneself out of the predestination that society has set as your due and rightful portion is available to all – but is by far the harder path. The real eulogy for Manson for those who practice Universal Order is taking that road to the country beyond, to go the way of Manson and, as Manson himself would have done, extend an invitation to others to do also and indicate to them the means and methods by which they may gird themselves for the journey.

As we’ve stated, we will all live in his spirit and carry out the struggle of survival through this decedent society that seeks to destroy us. Those who wish to negate our efforts to spread this truth for either materialistic gain or because they’re driven by their ego, they will suffer the wrath of Helter Skelter, as if mass starvation does not get them, the throw-away Children will make them dance on air and let them be food for the almighty Mother Nature.

     How’re you gonna prepare for the beast we have already created? It’s all in a thought and people like you are not in the thought because you’ve got no thoughts of your own, your head’s full of books, schools, TV, radio, and programmed with and for nine million times and a million maybes.

     The truth is a knife and cuts sharp.

– Charles Manson

And in relation to the naysayers, the ones who would scoff at our respects:

     That’s why people can’t – at first – countenance Manson: he does not deal in images or gimmicks, only reality, the way it is. Most people simply cannot STAND this. They haven’t got the brain capacity or the guts for it. When they look at Manson, they see themselves and they – unless they are right inside – HATE IT.

SIEGE 9.16

     Manson says simply that when the television goes off, the people will go insane. The spell will be broken and what shall Reality consist of other than Hell having made itself manifest on earth? That’s when the thought and preparation undertaken today will pay off for those who did more than TALK about the deplorability of it all.

SIEGE 9.18

     Manson had the right idea about Family. It involved people of the same Race, the same Spirit, coming together for mutual security. Most may have turned their backs on their “real” families in order to have found the one, true Family but such is the case with regard to a struggle such as this one with overtones of civil warfare. Hand-in-hand with revolution, with survival, is the elemental component of the Family. It is really the only way the System can be destroyed, really the only way we can survive. TRIBES of White Warriors, bands of White Men with their Women and Children who have drawn together and then pulled away from the System to allow it to fall without taking them with it.

SIEGE 9.12

– James Mason

…And now, nothing else needs to be said. Our vision is clear, the path is being walked. Thank you so much, Charlie Manson.

     I came to earth alone. I can die by myself. I can give up this shell by myself.

– Charles Manson