June 14, 2019



by Bob Igelston

Dear Mr. Pickledick,

A person that has caught my interest for the longest time is a person that many Jewish Organizations from the ADL to the SPLC seems to shill on every news broadcast, youtube video recommendations and book advertisements is a man by the name of Christian Picciolini. As I’m sure you’ve heard of him and his story of “being in the movement and finding a way out” I’ll save you the reading time explaining the already told.

Regardless the point of this article is not to address Picciolini’s failure of life per say considering Dylann Roof already wrote him a letter that did an absolutely excellent job here. This is merely an addressing of Picciolini’s arguments over “National Socialists don’t actually believe what they believe, they’re just damaged people looking for community!”

Now let’s actually address this argument shall we?

While it is most certainly true, Mr. Pickledick, that many of us – including myself – found this path out of a place of pain and alienation and many other things that commonly draw people to National Socialism. You are purposefully lying and misleading (as you do many times from how I’ve studied you, and how you act and speak by making a psychological profile on yourself. Mr. Roof’s criticism of you is thus very accurate). Portraying the effect as the cause, and saying that it’s due to Alienation, Pain and Struggle. This is why we are here on this path or “potholes” as you call them. While it is true that is why we are on this path, you purposefully leave out the causes of these “potholes”. On a road, “potholes” don’t just appear out of nowhere, they happen due to incompetence, disrepair and general corruption. Similar to the state of society that we find ourselves. A state of disrepair and incompetence and corruption. James Mason’s Speech “MAN” of which he spoke in prison is excellent to this topic itself how we find ourselves here.

We live in a society based around material objects whether it be attention, money or power. How can someone live in such a society and call it normal? What is life’s meaning in such a society when the lowest common denominator is made up of idiots, whores and generally soulless materialistic people that are propped up and considered “role models”. These whore pop singers model themselves on becoming hedonistic sluts and try to spread that poison to young impressionable white girls. What about these emasculated “men”? Whether they be faggot soyboys with a testosterone level less than that of a woman or plastic ken dolls who portray some pussified yet corporate version of a “man” with feminine looks and behavior.

I mean, lets just take drugs and do other temporary “feel good” vices, am I right? Just pick your escapist fantasy whether it be Niggerball or these phony Marvel movies, it doesn’t matter, as long as it keeps you from confronting the hard truths. No Bad Thoughts and No Bad Feelings! You see Mr. Picciolini how someone like myself wouldn’t fit in such a place right? We’re in a rotting corpse that’s quickly decaying at a faster and faster rate by the day with jewish maggots feasting on such a corpse. This isn’t a civilization, this is a post-civilization.

The lemmings can take their ‘soma’ and die with the rest when the flood comes for all I care, because you can’t help an insane person who is hellbent on death. However, I’ll be damned if you or the other traitorous scum try to sink my ark and drag me down into the waters because you were too cowardly to deal with the backlash and hatred from these kikes and their hordes of lemmings for being different. Honestly, you had the truth yet you sold it out for 30 pieces of silver (in your case selling out for book deals and fame and fortune provided by the Electric Jew). You, Mr. Pickledick, will suffer along with the other traitors more than anyone else because Karma is indeed a very active force in this world and you will soon learn that.

Even your own selling point of “I helped over 100 nazis leave the movement” is a claim built on misconception. Of these “over 100 nazis”, who are these people? Largely from studying you and the types of people who champion you as “their guiding light in darkness” are nearly ALL drugged out skinheads who couldn’t give a less of a fuck about the worldview of National Socialism, and only care about putting a swastika on their forehead while beating up some homeless people during a meth fueled rage. Believe me, that’s not an accomplishment, anyone can manipulate some drug addict into doing what they want. Rehab centers do a good enough job converting drug addicts into Protestant Jesus-freaks.

The group that I’m more interested in and is in the minority it seems, but are those who saw the truth but instead betrayed it for personal reasons. In cases like Michael Lloyd Hubsky (aka, the trust fund traitor “Kommisar”) were kicked out, then ran over to you to beg the system for forgiveness for their sins. Usually in the case of appearing on National TV for opportunistic gain. Such as, Michael going on that Breaking Hate show of yours.

By the way, pro-tip if you’re going to conceal someone’s identity; don’t show their hair, especially if they’re a rare hair color like Michael’s ginger hair you fucking idiot. Even just by how he talked and his physical body shape along with the out of focus background it wasn’t hard to figure out as soon as the trailer came out along with all these other “Anonymous Fmr. Atomwaffen Division Members”. It’s kinda hard to be unknown and anonymous when everyone knows how you speak and look like in physical features (fair warning to any and all traitors who think it’s fun to speak to the press by the way and how your identity is “secret” among those rats, you will be found out).

I’m getting way too ahead myself because I haven’t even gotten into the “personal reasons” why someone who would even work with you Mr. Pickledick. So let me address that.

Ultimately, the “personal reasons” someone may have when it comes to working for you can be summed up with one word; “Cowardice”. Former white nationalists who have had their lives destroyed that come to you seeking redemption for their sins are some of the biggest cowards, only because they do not have what it takes to stand up against all impossible odds and declare the obvious fact that Hitler was right. Instead, they seek conformity and social approval, whether that approval comes from a politically incorrect fringe that will give them a thrill ride, or the lemmings who will give them self-gratification and ego serving attention. At the end of the day, people only seek your help because it gives them narcissistic supply for their chronic ego-issues.

The primary function of many white nationalist organizations is to soak up as many anti-social freaks, phonies, and general trouble makers. When you receive a new recruit into your “breaking hate” freak-show, it is never someone who was at one point a genuine national socialist, let alone a genuine white nationalist. It is always these hobbyists who swap their ideologies like they do their cloths who have been publicly embarrassed by the media, or even ruined their own lives because of their inability to function successfully in society. You only serve to help further their internal dysfunction. This is no “victory” on your part, rather, you are doing the Movement, as well as the more revolutionary factions of National Socialism a giant favor by trimming our own fat. This saves tons of groups the effort of putting up with nay-sayers and insubordination. As for the groups that “soak up” some of the more dysfunctional members of society, they will continue to help you boost your career, as well as embarrass aid them in themselves on national television, all the while you hug them and cry.

Not to mention, I have seen you witness the former Nazis get their tattoos removed. To me, you should be practicing what you teach by getting your OWN TATTOOS removed. It isn’t new to us that a media oligarch would not practice what he preaches. And as with many people, there are skeletons to be had in everyone’s closet. I’m willing to wager that part of your own internal dysfunction is being a compulsive liar, and getting a politically correct thrill out of acting as a “personal Jesus” to these people.

Of course, you would disagree with my analysis. I am not here to convince you that I am right and you are wrong. However, the facts still remain that your “pothole” theory only applies to a small segment of White Nationalists and National Socialists. As stated before, we don’t see “potholes” as a very good analogy for what we truly believe in. This can only be applied to people who ruin their own lives by buying into the stereotype that the enemy has created for them.

You have stated before that you only confront these people with compassion and understanding, but never directly argue against any of the tenants of their beliefs. To us, this is typical emotional manipulation. You stick your fingers in every wound to get the kind of mental reaction that you want out of these skinhead types, and frankly this is a weak attempt at bending people to your will, as this only works on the WEAK and COWARDLY. For a genuine National Socialist – no matter what mistakes he has made in his life – he would never give up on his beliefs no matter how much of an emotional outburst he has because of his past. Surely, when Hitler was imprisoned for crimes against the state, he had to deal with a lot of self reflection and mental rehabilitation to get his thinking and his strategy in check. Without much pretension, my point I am illustrating here is that what you do as a love-guru doesn’t amount to much outside of self gratification for yourself, and for the media to take your footage and virtue signal to their audience of sick, degenerate freaks and soccer moms.

I will conclude this letter with this question. What is your end goal?

To “stop hate” is a vague statement. All around, I see many media outlets pushing homosexuality, race mixing, and borderline pedophilia. Recently, I saw a really disgusting event here where a 10 year old boy is stripping and getting money piled on him by middle aged men. Is this normal to you? Is this something not to hate? You mean to tell me that being rightfully disgusted with this filth is something that needs to be rehabilitated? Whose side are you on, Picciolini?

In conclusion, I don’t expect any response, not even an acknowledgement from you that doesn’t involve the same, scripted and mundane empty platitudes that you have built your whole career off of. Tolerance, when broken down to the bare truth, means putting up with evil. How much evil can you handle? How much sickness can you take before it kills you?

But of course, you know what side your bread is buttered on. You’ll never face facts and admit that you, not I, was tricked and corrupted into such a worldview you find yourself in. As Dylann Roof correctly pointed out, it must be a pain having to jump through all those mental hoops you do everyday and the olympic grade mental gymnastics you preform is quite stunning to say the least. In any matter I know you won’t listen to my words stated in this open letter to you and will just go back into cognitive dissonance.

Of course, you will make absurd accusations for how I “hit a pothole” by stating how I was diddled by my uncle as a child or something ridiculous that somehow led to why I hate people who actively do disgusting things. It is rather pathetic. I will say that when society eventually reaches its breaking point, I’ll pleasure in knowing that due to your deeds, you will die without anyone knowing about you in any meaningful way. Hitler is remembered and feared by all for a reason, he represented truth. Do you even remember the names of those who opposed Hitler? I mean politically speaking of course, like Thalmann or the Strasser Brothers? How about Manson? Can you or anyone name the prosecutor of the case off of your head? How about the names the detectives who hunted him down or the judge on the case? You can’t and not a single person off the street can name any of them but they can name people like Hitler or Manson like nobody’s business because they did something meaningful with their lives, they represented the TRUTH. You’ll be forgotten along with all the other traitors and scumlords in general and being forgotten in History is quite the just punishment for sure because people like Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, George Lincoln Rockwell, James Mason, Alexander Slavros, Dr. William Luther Pierce and many many more men will all be remembered either now where they are feared by liars and those willing to buy into their lies for security or in the near future where they will all be remembered as the heroes they were and are.

A time will come Mr. Pickledick where all these lies will shatter like glass being hit like a hammer, when this whole rotten system will finally die. Believe me, when I say this that I and many others are prepared and ready. I’m certain that you and many others will be crushed by the coming breakdown of society. Those who cannot handle the truth are certain to be the ones who perish by it. You can twist and turn this how you like, you can lie and say how we’re doomsday cultists and collapse will never come! Hell maybe we are a bunch of doomsday cultists! However that doesn’t matter because as a student of history, Mr. Pickledick, we are on the brink of collapse for the US Empire and its territories all over the world and only then will the truth be set free. A system built on lies is like a house made of popsicle sticks, all it takes is a good blow from the wind and it will all come crumbling down on top of everyone. This is not our doing, this is not our fault. We don’t even have to do a damn thing. Millions of people are going to die because of the System’s own evil folding in on itself. The beauty in this is that we’re blamed for this very same evil.

In any matter I await your response if there will ever be one, which I doubt.

With Hate From Yours Truly,

Bob Igelston