July 25, 2019

Potholes II: Electric Jewgaloo

Potholes II: Electric Jewgaloo

by Bob Igelston

After watching the recent installment of Mr. Pickledick’s documentary series on MSNBC called “Breaking Hate” we feel it is necessary to continue with a second installment of “Potholes” (something Pickledick himself refused to rebuttal). Well, we got to give Mr. Pickledick at least some credit, it was far better than that Frontline PBS exposé, the whole presentation felt like a feature length movie. Regardless of the presentation, it didn’t come without it’s blatant lies, retardation and deliberate misrepresentation of the situation surrounding the death of our fallen friends Andrew and Jeremy at the hands of Devon Arthurs.

So let’s get into it shall we? Well we begin with Pickledick meeting up with Andrew’s family and talking about Andrew’s life leading up to his involvement in “Hate”. Basically Pickledick and Andrew’s Sister outright imply that Andrew was autistic and a loser without any set of social skills. Implying that he was a reclusive ideological mess that was being suckered down a dark rabbit hole of conspiracies and hatred. His own sister throughout the course of her interview enjoyed very much describing in detail about how much of a social retard Andrew was. Due to the amount of times we’ll be mentioning Andrew’s sister, we’ll refer to her by the name “The Whore” from now on in this article.

The Whore goes on a rant about how her brother was corrupted etc., acting as some sort of arbiter of reason who has never once made mistakes in her life, or even has her own “potholes” that she has stumbled into. That leering look in her eye is the look of somebody who shares their own skeletons in their closet. It never is wise to visually project these sorts of hints when on national television. Conveniently she leaves out the interviews she did right after her brother’s death where she whined how her brother was “ruining her military career”, which is in of itself a sign of chronic narcissism (something everyone involved in this piece clearly has shown to have with one exception). They both go into how much of an easily manipulated beta-male Andrew was and how he was a good boy who was targeted online by a shadowy collective of manipulative internet personalities.

The biggest bombshell perhaps is when she proudly states - with a straight face - how she reported Andrew to some FBI agent for having unpopular opinions about Jews and owning a swastika flag. Anyone familiar with Ted Kaczynski and his written material will see that his point about the USA in our modern technological times has in fact become worse than the USSR or any other past dictatorship. What Andrew’s sister did only proves his point where he stated that, the ‘secret police’ of the past has now become America’s own citizenry. Your friends, your family, your neighbors, the list goes on… All sides have a psychological compulsion to report anything that does not conform with the establishment to the mass media/state and government authorities, even if it means selling out their own loved ones, essentially giving the term “Big Brother” a literal meaning.

We know for a fact Pickledick took the advice from the first part of Potholes, as he most likely redid that interview with Michael Hubsky which was another prominent part of the story. For those unfamiliar, Picciolini comes into contact with a ‘current Atomwaffen Division’ member, who was following the typical MSM script of “trying to find a way out of hate” by contacting Christian Picciolini, the oracle of inclusiveness and love. Michael Hubsky was not mentioned by name throughout the episode, but rather is referred to as “Richard” to protect his already diminished anonymity. You can even see Las Vegas through the hotel windows where the interview took place, which is the city nearest to him. Michael Hubsky (his Atomwaffen Division alias was ‘Kommisar’) does his interview while going off of the script that Pickledick wanted to hear (and perhaps pre-arranged) while making claims about Andrew too being in “constant contact with James Mason” despite the fact that Michael wasn’t in AWD when Jeremy and Andrew were killed and is just lying to fit Pickledick’s show and furthermore not having a detailed account of the events surrounding their death as original Atomwaffen Division members would.

This wasn’t the first interview he did with Pickledick, so he wasn’t “unsure if he was being played” as Picciolini stated before the interview took place. In reality, they had to redo the scene because we outed Michael as someone talking with Pickledick when the first Breaking Hate Trailer came out back in the summer of 2018. You can tell this by comparing the trailer to the final product. Most likely Pickledick had to coach him on what to say and how to say it off of a script. Which, to any person with integrity, is downright pathetic.

Michael didn’t leave AWD because “he had enough”, Atomwaffen Division has stated he was removed from AWD for suspicious behavior and damn near left by his own accord because he got doxxed by Propublica and his parents who are multi-millionaires threatened to cut off the money he was getting and his wife threatened to leave him because she’s a gold digging slut with zero principles. Michael’s intentions were far from noble with his “wanting to stop hate” tripe, like Pickledick, his intentions were focused on the profit that could be achieved by his very own 15 minutes of fame. Total narcissism. Our readership who are anti-fascists or belong to Antifa organizations should be made aware that Picciolini, as well as journalists like AC Thompson, Ali Winston and Jake Hanrahan are all protecting Nazis like Hubsky, as well as the two Atomwaffen Division members who betrayed the organization because of their jealousy and internalized narcissism. Those two being Brenan Frank Duffy and Tyler R. Weising, who are still to this day both active Fascists who still continue to organize on Fascist discord servers.

The Whore and Pickledick get back to talking shit about Andrew even more but then go off the deep end of retardation by claiming that Jeremy and Andrew actually hated us and in reality only moved in with Brandon and Devon because of some summer jobs that were recycling jobs that made minimum wage. Apparently that’s supposed to make total sense right? If anyone hated someone, then they wouldn’t move across the country to move in with them to basically work at a McDonald’s by their new house. It was complete bullshit both from Andrew’s Family trying to save face and reputation, followed by Pickledick bullshitting make-believe purposes.

In reality, Jeremy and Andrew went down to Florida because of bullshit circumstances they were facing in their personal lives. Want to know how I know this? I, Bob Igelston, talked with Jeremy plenty of times both before and after they went to Florida and knew intimately about his situation. So this “they were secretly good boys who hated AWD and wanted out” is bullshit. Jeremy himself remarked on his willingness to die for AWD (words he’d sadly eventually back up) and actually left Boston partially because certain people in his life wanted him to leave AWD. The narrative presented by this documentary was nonsense to the core.

As a matter of fact, we took our time to contact Brandon in prison about this and he filled us in on details that Andrew’s Family must have conveniently forgotten. After Jeremy and Andrew were murdered, both Andrew’s Father and Sister went to Florida to get Andrew’s belongings. BUT Andrew’s Sister took both Jeremy and Andrew’s cell phones, not that hard to fake those texts now that you have both of their phones, right? Although I don’t blame Andrew’s family portraying their son in this manner in order to save face and reputation.

As for the remark by Andrew’s sister and father - “Brandon and Devon took their american flag and spat on it and then used it as a foot cleaner”. Again, this is complete horse shit. In reality once again (where these people don’t live), it was a flag that happened to disappear from a local walmart and reappear on Brandon’s floor. I’m assuming it was some form of Noctulian magic or something, maybe Chris Angel was casting spells, I don’t know. Anyhow, hate to break it to the family here, but their son actually wiped his boots on that flag and so did Jeremy, they spit on it and did exactly what Brandon and Devon did. They were in line with our ideology, part of our worldview. Don’t like it? Tough. The truth hurts.

They can lie all they want on TV, I understand that their reputation is that precious to them. We won’t sit by and allow these lies to muddle the memory of Andrew and Jeremy.

The interview ends with a dramatic shot of The Whore looking into the sunset while Pickledick talks about “Breaking the hate” and how “I have 2 AWD members talking to me (spoiler those 2 AWD members are myself and we were fucking with him through email which is christian@picciolini.com by the way if you want to tell him what you think about his decisions to lie about our dead and his other deeds).

Pickledick though knew what he was doing, unlike Mr. AC Thompson who half-assed his way through a documentary. Pretending as if he had any real clue as to what Atomwaffen Division was all about. In any matter, Pickledick does act as our best propagandist in this case. Wondering why? Because he shows our people, other organizations and Atomwaffen Division exactly what these profiteers look like, what traitors look and act like and why people like Pickledick are the real manipulators here. He’ll only reinforce National Socialist beliefs. Both for Atomwaffen Division’s members and our readership. So being lied about for the purposes of profit on Pickledick’s part really was worth it for the amount of propaganda he gave us to work with. So thanks Pickledick, you’ve only strengthened us, not weakened us. If your goal is to break Atomwaffen Division up then you’ve failed miserably. I’ll even admit I had a chat going with other people that was a viewing party for your retarded show and we laughed at your expense and it’s only because of this that Pickledick is far more valuable alive than dead and I strongly go against any violent action against this man because he’s a walking posterboy of a coward traitor that provides triple A entertainment. Honestly though Pickledick, if you’re reading this (and I know you are), go roleplay with your wife who works at google with your skinhead tattoos you still haven’t removed, you fucking hypocrite con-man because at least you’ll be fucking something other than yourself.

James Mason’s piece in this interview was by far the best part of this whole episode. This interview practically acted as a five minute SIEGE advertisement with how well James Mason played Picciolini, while in the process exposing Pickledick’s manipulative nature. At the start, we get to see Pickledick acting as some sort of super detective with his comment about “it’s time to track down Mason” with the intention of taking Mason by surprise. We don’t even need to tell you that this is pure bullshit on Pickledick’s part. In reality, Pickledick inquired to an Atomwaffen Division member asking to interview James Mason. James Mason was made aware of this inquiry and gladly accepted, although that doesn’t line up with Pickledick’s narrative. It makes him look so much better when he acts like this Antifa warrior taking on nazis by surprise. Plus, as stated, it’d make him look bad with people knowing he worked with an Atomwaffen Division member to set up that interview. Furthermore, the circumstances that took place during the interview weren’t nearly as dramatic Pickledick and his camera crew painted it.

Watching this episode will give you the impression that James Mason is some sort of crime boss with all the ominous camera angles shifting back and forth between Mason and his book collection, as well as the action/horror movie style music playing in the background as Mason is speaking. Not to mention Pickledick’s acting ability that is on par with AC Thompsons, being able to maintain a “disturbed” looking poker face through the duration of the talk. Coming from people who personally know Mr. Mason, we will tell you that this whole scene was so laughably overly dramatic and not anywhere near the truth of the circumstances. Picciolini, James Mason and the camera crew got along like a house on fire, starting from the very second they walked into his apartment. They laughed, joked, exchanged stories, all the while James Mason was sharing his liquor with Picciolini, both enjoying their get together while they were taking breaks from the interview that they were filming. This is a far cry from the “I confronted Mason and got him to interview me!” load of rubbish.

Since we know the truth behind the circumstances surrounding this interview, we are able to detect Pickledick’s manipulative nature after the fact. Pickledick has the nerve to call Mason “a coward for inciting others to do criminal acts while sticking to the shadows” despite the fact that he himself right before this interview pans over Mason’s apartment complex, shows how to get to his door of his apartment then shows the insides of his apartment of course to incite local Antifa to know exactly where he is (not like they’re going to do anything though besides putting up more stickers that will just annoy fellow tenants and more souvenirs for him to send to his friend, thanks for the Rocky Mountain Antifa Sticker by the way guys, I have that on my bookshelf here in Texas, funny reminder for myself of how much you faggots are failures). James Mason was the one who agreed to the interview and even invited Pickledick into his own home, meanwhile still continuing to write and speak to this very day despite all of set-backs that have taken place in his life. Pickledick was even nice enough to tell Mason he wanted to visit more and was able to because his son lived nearby.

Even though I know Picciolini won’t respond at all besides the basic bitch script he reads off of and he’ll refuse to actually refute any of our points either in this letter or in the previous one. I have a question, If being a radical whether it be Islamic Fundamentalism or Fascism in my case, is a that case because of “potholes” or “they don’t actually believe in that! They’re only X because of “potholes”!” then how come you’re awfully silent on the various leftist radicals you ally yourself with? These Anti-Fascist groups aren’t made up of liberals, usually Anarcho-Communists who are Radicals (I personally think they’re just liberals playing pretend but that’s beside the point). If extremism is always caused by this - as you claim - then why the fuck are you silent on all these Communists and Anarchists?

Luckily, I actually know why.

Ted Kaczynski made a strong point on this in his Manifesto. He brought up how Liberals in the US bitched and moaned about the Vietnam War and how Imperialist the US is and alike. But when the USSR did the same exact shit in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War, where were these “Anti-War Protestors” then? Fucking nowhere. The case was that they didn’t give two fucks about “peace” as they claimed, it was just a dishonest front for them to attack on as Liberals in the USA always do. They didn’t attack the Soviets because in truth they were aligned with them. Similar to how plenty of muslims won’t denounce ISIS or the Taliban or how James Mason refused to denounce people like Timothy McVeigh or James Alex Fields Jr. in various interviews he’s done. In your case, you won’t speak out against these radical leftists because you yourself are aligned with them, you support them and you’re one of them. You can lie all you want, but this is the case here outright.

So quit pretending you’re a neutral party as you claim, it’s dishonest and disgusting. How about you tell people what you really are, an ADL funded leftist who uses manipulation tactics for his own personal gain whether it be financial or to get information on various organizations to pass off to groups like the ADL or even just getting information from the various Antifa groups that I know for a fact you work with to get information on individuals you don’t like.

This is the truth about the second Breaking Hate episode. No more needs to be said. Anyone with two braincells to rub together could obviously see through the smoke and mirrors without this article, but this country - and even the entire world - is running short on rational and reasonable individuals.

Rest in peace, Andrew and Jeremy.