November 24, 2019

Plan SIEGE from Outer Space!

Plan SIEGE from Outer Space!

by À rebours

The idea that there currently exists a decentralized army of "lone wolves" planning to randomly bomb/attack the System to honor some ideological vendetta has about as much existential validity to it as did the Bug's Helter Skelter fantasies.

This isn't to say there aren't actual Accelerationists at work today though, there are, we're them, but our endgame doesn't involve any DotR-esque scenarios. Rather, the Great Acceleration aims at liberating us from you, and not us putting you out of your collective miseries once and for all, however appealing/tempting that prospect might be.

WW2 was fought to forestall this very eventuality. Not to thwart the ambitions of German Nationalists, but solely to keep us trapped here for another couple of hundred years imprisoned on this orbiting Anglo necropolis.

No, our future lies in a return to the stars, to the endless expanses of open space. Having mastered the known dimensions of this world, the spirit that animates our "Race", that Hyperborean elan vital of ours, yearns to free itself from its terrestrial bonds. For us that is Life itself, for you Death.

Death in the form of spiritual starvation!

Death in the form cultiral exsanguination!

Death in the form racial asphyxiation!

For once the gravitational chains weighing us down are broken your "usefulness" as the evolutionary spur to our becoming will have ceased to exist. For no sooner will we have departed for those places unknown than the stinking tide of mud-colored sub-humanity that you allowed to breed as a counter-balance to our radiance will rise up overnight to rape, kill, and eat all you parasites, and not necessarily in that order.

And so until that time when we've laid SIEGE to very stars themselves...