June 12, 2019

On Pearl Clutchers and their Lies

On Pearl Clutchers and their Lies

by Bob Igelston

The title is self explanatory to those who may have see this behavior, or are guilty of it. To those not in the know, a phenomenon that is most common amongst liberal-minded lemmings and useless “SJW” units is now, and those who keep up with the Vault, has always been present within the midst of the ‘Movement’ for lack of better words.

Say something offensive? Off color joke? Adding comedic relief to something that is disturbing to most? Don’t worry, people who already advocate for mass genocides of “sub-humans” are the first to tell you that you’re being insensitive! Oh the irony!

Hence, we have lovingly dubbed these Kumbaya hymn singers “Pearl Clutchers”.

Like with most Liberals who are holier than thou, we see here that there is character trait that is common with these people within these fringe groups. We’ll call this one “The Dishonest Ones”, the hypocrites, the ones that could give a damn less about offensive humor or women who show too much cleavage, but use this as a pandering tactic to gain the attraction of conformist lemming followers. Their motive is to have the peasants gather around them sitting uptop their moral high horse for the primary purpose of being popular. Reality tells us that by observing those in the media that exhibit this same exact behavior that their lives aren’t worth anything, they have nothing to live for, but they alienate everyone around them by being an asshole, and with the Movementarians, they’re always the ones that don’t have loyal friends due to them being “betrayed” all the time. Sound familiar? Is it not funny how everyone who acts this way always end up being the most empty inside?

What does sound familiar, is the second type. The type we’re most familiar with. We’ll call this one “The Sperg”. This type is the one that you will encounter the most in the online sphere. And believe us, this is the type we have the most experience with. These types can be identified by their inability to take a joke, or take things too seriously (for the same motives as the Dishonest Ones). Reality is that their pandering is not a reflection of how noble or wise they are, but a projection of their anti-social behavior and social awkwardness. Perhaps a sign of clinical autism or aspergers, but most definitely a symptom of their clinical narcissism (something we will discuss in depth in a later piece). Perhaps in some ways the Sperg is better than the former type we have listed. They’re certainly not subversive, they’re extremely easy to detect, and you will know to cut them out of your life, which is not hard considering that the natural habitat for the sperg is the internet.

With every venn diagram there must be a middle ground, which is why there are a few common traits that both type of person shares. One right off the bat are personality disorders. Clinical narcissism, borderline personality disorder, the histrionic, the list goes on. In the Movementarian Menace we have pointed out that these types of people behave like bitchy, whiny females. Especially when you neglect them and give them no attention, they go absolutely nuts. We have joked privately that the “radio silence” that comes out of this website on slower weeks causes Movementarian schizophrenia to accelerate at rapid rates (one can just look at the rumors that exist for further clarification of that).

Lastly, and again, we can with full confidence speak this from experience. What both of these types share is how quick they are to run to the System to sell out their former comrades over this sort of silliness. One can refer to a video made by the Atomwaffen Division to see this ugliness front and center. Their hysteria is always left unchecked when using the internet, they themselves cannot cope with reality, let alone the real enemy, so this is the tactics that they follow. The “pat the head” they desire, like a bitch female, is why you need to cut these people out when you spot them.

This is exactly of course what the system wants, but always remember that this is not primarily the work of the System. These people, along with the rest of the population, have willingly walked into their jail cell and locked the door behind them. There isn’t much of a need for guards anymore to keep their spirits imprisoned.

In turn…

No one ends up being a paid, professional stoolie rat like that if they didn’t have something disgustingly exploitable hiding in their closets.