June 11, 2019

Let the cities burn, Our victory is in the villages and the farms!

Let the cities burn, Our victory is in the villages and the farms!

by Bob Igelston

Too much do I see people trying to pander and recruit in the cities and suburbs when in fact our victory is not there and trying to have one in such a place is useless and has no point to it and is basically a good way to commit tactical suicide. In fact our victory is in the rural areas and always will be. In every successful revolution, the main source of recruits is from rural areas of the country from the French Revolution to the Chinese Civil War, Why is this? Well it’s simple the system, whatever it may be, can’t project it’s propaganda as effectively as it can in cities and well populated areas, this is mainly due to lack of communications compared to the cities and priority of the system in place is to focus mainly on cities for it’s propaganda network and who to keep comfortable and bellies full the most due to the core of the system being within these cities so naturally they’d want them to be the best fortified.

This of course is a fatal flaw if you know how to exploit it, Chairman Mao had the right idea during the Chinese Civil War, while the Soviet Aids in the Chinese Communist Party wanted to fight the Kuomintang Government’s massive and powerful army in the cities where they were the strongest, Mao wanted them to retreat back to the rural areas of China due to from example of them getting their teeth kicked in there and knowing damn well it would be the death of them if they kept up such a tactic and to form a region of control in the rural areas while maintaining a mixture of both a central communist government for power over the people there and an authority to answer to with a decentralized cell structure for attacking the Kuomintang Government’s Army and keeping them at bay while cutting at their supply lines with Guerrilla Tactics causing slow bleeding of the system.

This in turn helped the CCP gain many recruits due to their rural takeover due to the Kuomintang both not being able to and not interested in taking good care of the rural class of people in China at the time thereby leaving them into open recruitment and swaying in opinion for the Communists which is very similar to the state of rural areas in the US with most of these areas being very poor with high unemployment like in places like West Virginia and it’s Coal Country (which if taken over would cut off coal from many power plants in the US, just a thought).

This both helped them grow in numbers as well as support for the area they had under their control while cutting off a good amount of food supply in the cities because a big shocker is despite city lemmings thinking that rural people are unimportant and disgusting people beneath them (similar to city lemmings in the US thinking of rural people as dumb rednecks), they’re the ones supplying them their food, this of course causes bread riots in the cities due to lack of food and thereby both erodes trust in the system by the city lemmings as well as having the system waste it’s troops to control the rioting population rather than putting more troops into dealing with the rebels. All this rioting does have another effect added on too, it makes that country open to invasion/being pushed around by another country.

You see when China was in it’s Civil War between the Communist Rebels and the Kuomintang Government and the massive rioting in the cities, Japan took it as a great opportunity to start taking Chinese Land with valuable resources like Manchuria and areas of Southern China with important trading ports and resource rich islands. If something like massive rioting and a civil war were to happen in the US I’d bet serious money you’d see countries like China and Russia and every other country looking to take areas like Alaska or Hawaii or other areas of the US with lots and lots of resources because they know damn well the US can’t defend it or do anything about it and it’s resource rich land they can use, that’s just how things have always happened, which is very important to keep in mind when thinking about how shit would go down if we ever had a civil war scenario in the US and what to expect.

Despite Mao having only rural areas under his control for the most part, due to the bread riots, attacks on cities, fucking with system supply lines etc. this resulted in the Kuomintang Government slowly bleeding out, making the system so weak it can’t defend its borders and land from other nations. It eroded the lemmings even in the cities, trust in the system for the entire country thereby helping recruitment and support for the Chinese Communist Party immensely and due to the system wasting it’s troops on Communist Guerrillas, Japanese Soldiers and it’s own rioting people, it’s army was weak and useless with low morale and poor supplies and with Mao having enough soldiers and money, was able to start taking cities and one by one they fell and the system couldn’t stand a chance to the point where the Kuomintang retreated to the colony island of their in Taiwan and now live in exile while mainland China is ruled over by said rebels to this very day.

These very tactics are still used today with groups like the Taliban, while the US laughs at the Taliban taking over only rural areas of Afghanistan while the US gloats over them controlling the major cities, the cracks are beginning to show and very soon the US will be forced to leave Afghanistan due to sheer cost in both lives and most important, money and thereby leaving the cities wide open for Taliban control. This is our path to victory if we ever wish to see it because the moment we try taking over cities in the beginning is the beginning of our slow death because cities are like trophies, you don’t get the trophy at the beginning of the game, you get it at the end when your enemy loses and you win.

Good things come to those who wait.