James Mason, author of the infamous book SIEGE, was born on July 25, 1952. As a teenager, he became part of the American Nazi Party youth movement, and eventually graduating to full membership at 18 years of age (now known as the National Socialist White People's Party). Due to the leadership crisis that plagued the party, James Mason would eventually leave and begin his own political front known as the National Socialist Movement.

After years of being an organizer and writer for the National Socialist Movement, the group would inevitably fall under the same conflict of leadership that George Lincoln Rockwell's party witnessed. James Mason would then go on to revive the National Socialist Liberation Front and their newsletter SIEGE, a revolutionary guerrilla operation originally founded by Joseph Tommasi. Once James Mason began to introduce rhetoric and support for Charles Manson, he would leave the NSLF under the care of Karl Hand and continue to write SIEGE material by himself sending the newsletter to readers all over the world.

SIEGE soon caught the attention of Michael Moynihan who reached out to Mason, proposing that Mason should compile his newsletters into a large paperback book. From this the first pressing of SIEGE was printed and became an instant underground hit, not only with the National Socialist crowd, but also those within satanic circles, Charles Manson supporters, and other fringe elements in America.

Now, in the 21st century, James Mason continues to write SIEGE articles for Siege Kultur. James Mason has released other books since the debut of SIEGE, dealing with Christian Identity, the Bible, UFOs, extraterrestrials, and other subjects considered "superstitious" by most. James Mason to this day shatters these mysteries and uncompromisingly exposes the truth of what is not meant to be heard, what is kept from the access of all White people on this planet.

"We Told You So"

SIEGECast recorded by James Mason in response to the Department of Homeland Security's recent "revelations"... Read More

More Truth

Last entry on this subject – although we deal only in the truth – was headed, “And the Truth Is”. In it we stated that the true enemy of all civilization and decency was CONFUSION. Going further we pointed out that CONFUSION is, in all reality, what is represented by EVIL. To the opposite, it is CLARITY which actually stands for GOOD. Thereby we have been able to demystify and objectivize these two most overworked and misunderstood terms. And this remains our goal: The drive for truth and clarity. Now we arrive at the matter of what we should properly see as our own, personal role in concerns such as these. It has always come up and I expect it shall always continue to come up regarding those adherents to the movement who come in, stay awhile, and then depart under varying circumstances. It’s been called the “Eighteen Month Syndrome” as that seems to be the average term of tenure for so many of these new recruits. Then too, sadly, once a “comrade” and now a... Read More

Nazi Humanitarians?

Sounds highly contradictory, doesn’t it? That however is due entirely to the atmosphere made up almost exclusively of lies, generated and maintained by the enemy, alien Jewish media. In effect, the image held in the minds of most people regarding anything “Nazi” is really of a JEWISH “Nazism”! Take that piece of crap, “Hogan’s Heroes”, where all the Nazis are played by Jewish actors. (And to take that illustration even further, try to imagine a comedy situation – where the captors are all idiots – set not in a Luftstalag but in a Soviet gulag or maybe even the “Hanoi Hilton”. Recall that even the Black American airmen shot down by the Germans said openly that they were treated better by the Nazis than they were by the people back home.) Now maybe with minds better set into proper place, we can begin to discuss what I currently have in mind. Not being of the “1984 – Doublespeak” set, I... Read More

Trump II

Those who have been with us for awhile will know that we launched this series about a year-and-a-half ago with a feature entitled simply, “Trump”. One could say that we are now two years in with regard to the Trump presidency. I think it’s time to take some stock on what’s been transpiring during this time. The most salient thing, without a doubt, has to be in regard to Trump’s own statement regarding the media. He stated quite plainly during his campaign that the media is the worst enemy of the American People. We concurred then and we most certainly still do today. The “Russia” thing. I was saying it then and I’ll always say it that IF Russia or anyone else helped keep the dirty, old hippie from winning the election, we as a nation owe them the deepest debt of gratitude. The so-called “investigation”. For anyone who was around throughout the “Watergate” affair, this will ring so absolutely familiar. And, to boot, one of the two Jews responsible for “breaking” that story actually came... Read More


Too few will know what “ATWA” means. But the initials simply stand for “Animals, Trees, Water and Air”. This is the creation of none other than Charles Manson who will one day – after all the smoke and the poison within our culture has dissipated and blown away – be recognized as the environmental champion par excellence. There are those who expressed the need of a statement on our part outlining our stance on environmentalism. Right enough. But I couldn’t title it that way. The reason being that the concept and even the word itself have been so co-opted by our enemies, the liberals and the communists, that I find it hard to even spit them out. Why is this? Exactly as with everything else they touch, even things which might be of value if taken correctly, so-called “environmentalism” has been thoroughly sullied and ruined. Why, again? And, again, it is because of the very nature of these same liberals and communists, etc., to turn everything they touch into “phony baloney”, a mere hook to get otherwise... Read More

No White Leadership

There are certain themes which need to be never overlooked and this is one. Rockwell said it first and best when he simply pointed out that there is no White leadership. Sure, there are plenty of “white” faces up there but that’s a far cry from being a genuine White LEADER. These types are mere place holders, mere errand boys. Theirs is the task of the slow and orderly sell-out of White interests and, ultimately, of the White race itself. This is anybody who doesn’t directly stand up for the White race. And you know how few those are. They are nowhere within officialdom. That much is for sure. To stand up against the phantom of P.C. Lately from Papa John to Meghan Kelly, to even be suddenly “fingered” or “ratted out” by whomever due to having made some utterance deemed by whatever as being “racist” and their careers are either over with or severely threatened. And they run like rabbits, falling all over themselves to “apologize”. What the hell is this? Well, I’ll certainly call it... Read More

That Poisonous Crap

I lambasted the Church pretty well in the pages of SIEGE nearly forty years ago and have had no occasion to turn back upon anything I wrote then. Let it stand. But it was Manson who stressed that all of the formerly White institutions had died and rotted away, becoming in essence, tools in the hands of the common racial enemy against the very people who first gave them rise. This is not anything new but one must have a grasp of history in order to see it. Had I not served a several-years sentence for some bullshit charge in the Nineteen Nineties, I never would have been able to come up with the proper answers to these critical questions which certainly bothered me and obviously still bother and confuse millions of others, laying the way open for them to be fooled and mislead… as always by the common, racial enemy whose greatest weapon is confusion and the exploitation thereof. People I would not call stupid... Read More

And the Truth is…

One doesn’t have to preach hate or violence although simply refraining from doing so will not prevent one from being called a “hater” or a “domestic terrorist”, etc. Still, this provocation should not be taken as any kind of go-ahead for actually living up to those epithets. It’s not necessary to hate anyone. And to ever resort to violence, at least within the setting we have here at present, is to buck up directly against the admonition of Saint John when he said, “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” Translated, this means should you so much as pick up a pea-shooter you’ll right away be facing the S.W.A.T. team. The violence will continue and it will increase but let it do so without us. We should know better. We have no control over it. We do not advocate it as demonstrated by these very words. We counsel against it, once more as demonstrated by these pronouncements. But we do understand that this is a nation beset by an ever-growing number of alienated individuals who are, step-by-step, arriving at their respective breaking points... Read More

November 9th

As National Socialists the date November 9th stands out on any calendar along with April 20th and January 30th as the most sacred and significant of holidays. (And what is a “holiday” but a Holy Day, to be kept separate?) However it is of the utmost importance that we never allow our holidays to become empty and meaningless the way that the present dying culture and society have done with theirs. The world knows that November 9th, 1923, was the date of the Munich Putsch. Some nowadays prefer the term “revolt” but I’ll stick with the original calling of “putsch”. As often as not, the event is still referred to as “The Beer Hall Putsch”, mainly by Hitler’s detractors, etc. But I don’t even mind that one, either, as it does seem to capture the mood and the atmosphere that must have prevailed then. The climactic moments of November 8th and 9th took place there, at Munich’s Burgerbrau Keller, one of that city’s premier social gathering points. The enemy press paints the occasion as just a power-grab on the part of Hitler and his “gang”. The truth is quite different. The situation in Germany and in Bavaria as of late 1923... Read More

The Delirium of the Twenty-First Century

Sure, this notion of racial equality has been around for a very long time. But it’s not been a part of the way Western Civilization worked and grew great. Some idle crack brains in their off hours whipped that nonsense up mainly from out of a very weak and shaky grasp of the Bible. Even during the Civil War, men from Abraham Lincoln on down to the common foot soldier wanted nothing more to do with Negroes than any man of the South. The issues then were, on the one side, the increasingly ill treatment of the South by the Northerners in Congress and, on the other side, the determination to preserve the Union. Even enemy sources today are admitting that, by standards of today, Lincoln would be considered as a “racist” because he was an outspoken advocate of racial separation up to and including repatriation of Blacks to Africa or elsewhere and away from the midst of Whites. Lincoln, sadly, was partially in bed... Read More

Day of the Martyrs

…or rather Night of the Martyrs as it was in the wee hours of October 16th, 1946, that close to a dozen of the finest men who ever lived went to the gallows in Nuremberg, Germany. This is not to bewail the details of that but it is necessary in order to set the tone properly for what is to become one more genuinely national holiday not only for White Americans but for Whites everywhere once they have been reawakened to their danger and to their destiny. “War Criminals” they were called and still are for the present. But as they themselves said at the time, they had broken no laws. No matter. The invading “Allies” CREATED some brand new “laws” expressly for the occasion. Ex post facto was and is the legalistic term for this as pointed out by then Ohio Senator Robert Taft as part of his condemnation of the whole, ugly – and illegal – farce. (And Taft himself might well be counted among the martyrs as it is rumored and was suspected that he was murdered by the same forces not long afterward.)... Read More

A Communist Defeat

As I’ve said in the recent past, I’m going to stop using such wishy-washy terms as “liberal”, “left-wing”, “democrat”, etc., and stick to strictly calling things by what they really are. Our political opponents are COMMUNISTS regardless of any degree of shading, etc. Let’s all start to call everything exactly the way it is. This action alone will begin to bring results as the air itself is cleared. And what is communism other than the alien, Jewish-inspired move to overturn and destroy White, Western, Christian civilization through the means of forced “equality”, the general “dumbing down” and the resultant miscegenation which will send this nation and any other spinning in a downturn – irredeemably – of Third Worldism. So are they insane, are they criminal or exactly what? No matter. This has to be STOPPED. Unless I am grossly mistaken, this communist move within the United States has NEVER SUFFERED A SINGLE SET-BACK... Read More

Whose Jews?

One would surely think that what with Jews in Trump’s own family plus his moving of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the Jews themselves would be pretty much in his corner. But no. One of the absolute cornerstones of basic awareness is that the media everywhere is in the hands of Jews and their brain-raped or sold out minions. This media hates Trump. This media declared war against Trump well before he rightly stated that it was the worst enemy of the American people. One can see it being played out day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. Like the giving of aid and comfort to the enemy during the Vietnam War. Like the crucifixion of Richard Nixon throughout the Watergate ordeal. It is as carefully orchestrated as it is vicious. Now, as an aside to all of that Watergate business, we have seen one of the two Jews mainly responsible for that, Woodward, having come out with a book claiming another “Deep Throat” inside Trump’s White House and declaring himself to represent a “resistance” to Trump... Read More

Last Chance Cafe

Round about these parts there are a lot of places named “Last Chance” this or that. And back in the Nineteenth Century this was no joke. But today it has assumed a kind of “cute” ring to it. Last evening as I was poring over some old Hard Right tracts I pulled one up which read, in part, “White Man, this is your last chance!” It dated from 1976. Same people around the same time were publishing features entitled, “Rhodesia Must Be the Turning Point!” etc. Well, I was damned sure in my own mind that Rhodesia was NOT going to be any sort of “turning point” in the downward trend of the fortunes of the West. Furthermore, I felt then that it was a bad mistake to take any such stance and, especially, to publish same. Looks bad and only goes toward the disheartenment of those who might be, first, exposed to and, then, embrace this sort of “blue-skying”. (For the record, Rhodesia was sold out from the inside. Whites there were deprived of the chance to really fight… as I have said… a fight... Read More

It’s Not Too Late To Hate

But it is too late to love Sharon Tate. Terrible what has become of National Geographic magazine in recent decades. My father would buy every old copy he could get his hands on at the local Goodwill Industries back home. In those pages would be recounted the study and exploration of the globe by White men as it was subject to White, Western civilization. And any “natives”? Well, to us then, “natives” meant coloreds and were about as seriously regarded as any of the rest of the flora and fauna. (We used to chide one another: “Your grandmother was a centerfold in National Geographic.”) Now that venerable old magazine has gone the way of just about every other thing we used to look upon as an institution. Multi-cultural and multi-racial, where the savages are no longer savages, etc. Caught it by accident on some news program where the current editor-in-chief – maybe even publisher – is some dirty, old Jewess. Sad. And, yes, I do HATE it... Read More

House Cleaning and Commemoration

What is it they call cleaning out your computer once it has gotten all full and overwhelmed with useless, outdated information? Well, no matter. What very little I know of computers and how to use them lets me know that unless this operation is performed now and then, the computer itself will become slower and slower in its performance. Aside from the phenomenon of the flag being raised and lowered to half-mast about like laundry out to dry, practically at the drop of a hat, to where the action itself now has lost most of its original meaning, we have now a glut of “holidays” which need to be culled out in about the same fashion as one might clean out their computer for maximum performance. We won’t even bother to discuss – as Commander Rockwell called him – Marxist Lucifer Coon or that Mexican, whoever the hell he was or is... Read More

Don’t Make the Mistake

The mistake that I’m talking about is the one which has been very largely responsible for the terrific mess which the entire Western world at present finds itself in. And that is this: To imagine that this business of the human condition on earth is a matter of some sort of personality contest when in fact it has always been a matter of a biological experiment. The sloppy sentimentalists together with the arch conspirators are to be found in bed together in the former camp while we National Socialists are to be found alone in the latter. But I will forever stress that, yes, they pretty much are running the show, however, look at what kind of show that it is. Now, unless a person is “one of them”, that is some colored type or some criminal conspirator or some brain-raped zombie, then a hard look at how things stand and, what’s more, the curve... Read More

We’re All in the Same Boat Now

That is if it were ever any other way. When Patrick Buchanan wrote his book, “The Death of the West”, over what is becoming a while ago, he spoke of all White nations, including Russia. He cited practically all of the death symptoms from falling birth rates to alien immigration. The breakdown of our respective societies. The failing of the Christian religion. What he couldn’t very well go into – unless he desired to join our ranks as an “extremist” and a “hater” – was the root causes of all this: Primarily the existence of an alien, Jewish conspiracy which has embedded itself solidly into the deepest workings of every White society. However, exactly as Commander Rockwell always stressed, you can thus fool everyone except the enemy himself by these essentially cowardly tactics. To pull back just at such a critical point is... Read More

Whole Lotta Race-Mixing Goin’ On

The title of this piece treats the subject in light fashion even though it is of the heaviest gravity. I do this because it is important not to be “bent out of shape” by all of this but to view it as just one more sign of the times. We at least must not be dragged kicking and screaming behind the national and world trends but must remain way out in front of them with the familiar, old “I told you so.” What do you expect? Some sort of improvement? Some kind of abatement? This could only happen should there be something there to CAUSE IT TO HAPPEN. And there presently is not. That’s just the way things work. This drive toward race-mixing on a massive scale has been the agenda of the Enemy for a very long time. As someone observed long ago, the Whites managed to resist it for quite a while. But it was known... Read More

“Put On the Full Armor of the Lord”

We were sent a letter to the website recently making a few statements and raising a few questions about the subject of Aryans in the ancient Middle East. Well, of course, yes. The fact is that the entire area was a lot Whiter several thousand years ago than it is today. All history supports that with the possible exception of the directly lying and downright delusional so-called “Black history” which claims that even Beethoven was a nigger. Photos dating from the time of the First World War depicting King Faisal and some of his entourage shows essentially a White man surrounded by a retinue of gradually darkening types, all the way down to solid black. Look at Assad today in Syria. A White man. You’ll find a few Whites everywhere but the issue will remain: “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” That was posed by King David of ancient Israel... Read More


Having successfully reemerged on April 20th – deliberately choosing the date of Hitler’s birthday for the occasion – after having had our website “taken down” on March 9th – Rockwell’s birthday (and was this facilitated by enemies or “friends”?) – I, for one, am strongly taken back to the days in Weimar Germany when, between communists in the streets and the sick-o government sitting in power, the attempts to silence us were at least as adamant then as they are now. Incidentally, redeverbot means a ban on speaking. So, if Hitler couldn’t speak in a certain German province, then it would be up to Rosenberg or Goebbels, etc. If the Brown Shirt couldn’t be worn, then it would be a white shirt. And if the white shirt was also banned, it might become no shirt at all. If the Party newspaper, the Volkische Beobachter or Racial Observer, were banned... Read More

The Three Disgraces

No, not the Three Graces but the Three DISgraces. In one generation how things in this country and the entire West have gone literally to hell. And, again, I saw it go. As a kid and a young person there actually were three major disgraces as viewed by the society in general and this was, of course, a White society. These were: Queerism; Dopism; and Race-mixing. These were – and still are and forever will be – sins, mortal sins. Why this? Simply because each one represents something which is ANTI-LIFE and moreover, anti-WHITE LIFE. Western Civilization had survived and grown great over the past thousand years because its people had escaped from rotten and dying cultures where these things had become the norm and in which any people remaining would ultimately become caught up and infected by these social cancers and, thereby, ERASED as a people. They were however remembered... Read More

Me Three

Always wanting to give credit where it is due, our title line comes from a standard “Three Stooges” gag. Moe says, “I’m in.” Curly says, “Me too.” And Larry says, “Me three.” Thoroughly Jewish, the long-running act at last has been recognized as the greatest ever after having been panned and shunned for decades. I would never want to be without my complete set of “Three Stooges” twenty-minute shorts. Jews makes the best entertainers no doubt due to their “chutzpah” together with their own, inbred twisted take on things in general. This can make for terrific comedy as well. But when applied to politics and culture, etc., it can be and indeed has been devastating. Just as Hitler observed in Mein Kampf, Jews are an agent for disintegration. Picture the familiar courtroom scene full of either “The Three Stooges” or “The Marx Brothers”. Or the soiree where a pie fight erupts. Comedy can turn dark hardly without one really noticing. Then it changes and becomes communism or liberalism or the like. And then if you don’t laugh – or at least “go along”... Read More

Keep the Emphasis on Excellence

I’ve said recently that if there exists any real enemy and if that enemy has a name, it is confusion. Certainly part of confusion would have to be the absence of any genuine ideals. Goals to aspire to whether they’ll ever be reached or not. If there isn’t a constant upward struggle then stagnation and degeneration will inevitably set in. So it has become in the United States and in all of the Western nations. Not so in the colored, Third World countries. They don’t fall because they’ve never risen. They exist just as they have always existed, in a perpetual state of stagnation. Some may have had great pasts as with Egypt, but once their population base went colored that was the end. Sub-Sahara Africa was and is worse. Minus the White colonization following the voyages of Columbus, etc., they’d still not even possess national boundaries, real languages and would be existing at a level not far removed from their simian cousins China and Japan. Dead races they have been called. Outstanding at copying and mass production but, again, without the White race... Read More

The Rockwell Centenary

For the image of a man who was so alive and in the times to have reached its centenary this March 9th is sobering beyond the power of words to convey. He departed this life while still in his physical prime just over a half-century ago. To have been associated with his organization then was so very cutting edge, so completely modern. To have marked someone’s centenary then would have placed you back at the time of the Civil War. A half-century back then would have taken one from the time of Queen Victoria and well into the Atomic Age. Yet here we are. And we are, after all, still here. I want to make it a point to remember how the Jews and all the rest of the system smart-asses were calling Rockwell – when they weren’t ignoring him – a “failure” in life as well as in his chosen path, that of radical politics in the form of the American Nazi Party. And it always upset me down deep in my gut when these same know-it-alls would borrow from somebody when saying - as some sort of veiled warning/condemnation/threat that... Read More

Esoterica and the House Fire Situation

Let’s go to the dictionary once more to check out the definition of the word “esoteric”. “Designed for or understood only by the specially initiated; Private; Secret.” The “esoterica” part is my own invention. Earlier in the month of January, during the course of a meeting of Atomwaffen and Siege Culture people, it came up that there are those who are enamored of something they are calling “Esoteric National Socialism”. After a weak laugh, I commented that the terms are mutually exclusive and that this could be nothing more than some kind of a useless diversion on the part of those who have no real idea of or stomach for confronting the enemy or arousing the people. The situation Hitler found himself in the middle of in 1919/1920 -indeed all of Central and Eastern Europe – was literally a house on fire. Through the shock and exhaustion of the First World War, the old... Read More

Starved and Poisoned

Most ought to know by now that my own “Big Three” symptoms of national death are as follows: Illicit use of narcotics; Homosexuality; and Miscegenation or race-mixing. But there really is and should be a fourth and that would be Culture Distortion. Actually, each one of these four represents distortion in one form or another and, as I was able to discern some long while ago, it is distortion that is meant whenever the “mystical” term “evil” is brought up in the Bible. (And, in the Bible, each one of these, under names like “sorcery”, “sodomy” and the more complex ones like “worshipping other gods” and “giving and taking in marriage” – a thing only mentioned whenever cross-breeding is taken up and forbidden in the same breath – carries sentence of death.) But this piece is devoted to culture distortion. I am, of course, a “Baby Boomer” even though I have always hated that reference. My parents were perhaps a little older than the average when they had me. But... Read More

Know what the Hell you're doing

A number of years ago I ran into the following quote from a man named Ellis Jones. “All during a man’s life he is doing something he expects to turn to his benefit, otherwise he would not do it in the first place. After his deeds have all turned sour and against him, the fool sits there and bemoans his actions without realizing that he could not undo his past doings anyway and makes an ass out of himself to boot for the sole benefit of his tormentors… Never regret your past and therefore you will not have to fear the future.” This is taken from a wonderful book entitled, “They Too Were Americans”, by author Scott Freeland and released by R. James Bender Publishing. I recommend the book most highly. The book deals with the German-American Bund, a topic most have at least heard of but which practically none know anything about. The book not only establishes the record but at the same time sets the record straight. All of the high intentions and fine ideals of these thousands of men and women during primarily the 1930s in the United States... Read More


Important it is to get this topic straightened out in our minds. Forget about the nightly news for the time being and, as always, go to the very origins. This traces all the way back to the Book of Genesis in the Bible. It involves three of our – the Whites – greatest patriarchs: Abraham; Isaac; and Jacob. Even a cursory reading of the chapters involved will reveal to anyone with their eyes open and their heads – and instincts – on straight and intact that the issue is one of true breeding on the one hand and tainted blood on the other. This was the only issue then and it remains the only issue at present. Sarah had been unable to provide Abraham with a son and so she “gave him” her Egyptian maidservant, Hagar, for this purpose. The result was Ishmael. Later, God came to Abraham and told him that he and Sarah would together bear a son the following year and would call his name Isaac. The tradition that has come down to me has it that when the elderly couple first heard this news, they both... Read More

That's Mighty White of You

That very old saying was probably last heard over any popular media in one of the “Dirty Harry” series starring Clint Eastwood back in the Seventies. The context was Harry doing his best to further antagonize a gang of vicious Blacks as he was invading their headquarters. I actually encountered it again most recently in a William Powell/Myrna Loy film dating from the Thirties where it was used naturally in a perfectly normal, social setting. Just a nice thing to say to someone. But, of course, if one were to try to use it today it would always be taken within the “Dirty Harry” sense. My, how things have changed. And not for the better. Before things in general got lost and there stood a common knowledge as regards those other people out there, those “native” types, it was simply understood that the only real decency and civility that might be expected was... Read More


I’ve never been accused of being a moralist and so I think this qualifies me well to outline the National Socialist stance on pornography… at least THIS National Socialist’s stance on pornography. By the name alone it must be ruled out of any decent, healthy and above all, White society. For the word defines literally as “gross stimulus”. And gross is not part of our game. It is part of the enemy’s game and it belongs properly to him. Also, by this definition, pornography doesn’t have to pertain to anything sexy. It can just as easily be applied to the scary as well. Witness all the countless gory and disgusting horror films which flood the market. Hitler in Mein Kampf – or at least in the Ralph Manheim translation – used the word “delimitation” quite a lot. I’ve never been able to find that word in any dictionary. But going off of what Hitler was saying, it obviously has to do with staying within certain bounds. Therefore, it could be connected with the term, restraint. Now think about it. This is exactly what the enemy is pushing for in literally all things. An end to all restraint... Read More

Relics and Icons

When at the close of the Second World War our enemies sought to expunge every trace of Hitler’s movement they surely went all-out. Murdering the top leadership, ruining the lives of the lower ranks and generally terrorizing the general population. Think of it. An entire, great nation taken captive and forcibly separated from its own, natural leadership with an alien, enemy collaborationist regime installed over their heads. With still more land stolen from them and more dead after the war than during it. Plus the false stigma of “criminality” attached to them. Landmarks such as the Berghof at Berchtesgaden, the New Chancellery in Berlin, the Court of Honor in Munich and countless other significant structures all the way down to individual graves vandalized, desecrated and erased. And then up until now all the many volumes of lies and distortions regarding the period which have passed for “history”. The banning of the use of the Swastika but not the Hammer and Sickle, etc. and the illegalization of the publication or distribution of Hitler’s book, “Mein Kampf”... Read More

Those who want to Live

“Those who want to live, let ’em live. Those who want to die, let ’em die.” The words of Charles Manson. And Manson will always be with us. Here he was speaking of the dope epidemic in not only this country but the whole Western world. Better put, the WHITE Western world for we are one and we are all in the same boat. By the very same token, the causes for this plague – only one of several – are the same as well. I discovered quite a while ago that all high civilizations die in the same way, with all the same symptoms. Always, truly high civilizations are WHITE civilizations. Colored civilizations don’t fall because they don’t rise. White civilizations fall due to infusion of colored influence. A thing like that can’t get a foothold unless and until White consciousness, awareness, pride and unity have been damaged and done away with Along with that tortuous process comes what I have called increased alienation, lack of direction and lack of purpose. The core of the atom has been removed. There isn’t even any longer a sense of up or down... Read More

Right into Bed

Even as I was contemplating this article the point of it was driven home to me only this morning for about the ten thousandth time. That initial titling, “Right Into Bed”, has to do with everything and everybody – except ourselves who are the disenfranchised – having long ago gotten into bed with the SUPER superstition of all time: That of so-called “‘racial equality”. And remember that superstition can be described this way: Belief in the absence of facts. Conversely but just as accurately: Disbelief in the presence of facts. Every age, it seems, has its Big Number One with regard to the preferred superstition. One used to have to worship the emperor or swear that the sun revolved around the earth, etc. Otherwise he might be burned or nailed to a cross. Today it is “racial equality”. (It’s also “The Holocaust” but that’s another story.) To fly directly in the face of all direct evidence, all reality, and every lesson of history is, to me, an amazement. And yet... Read More

Half Mast

Approximately fifteen years ago I began commenting in reaction to an increasing national trend that they might as well just leave the flags at half-mast rather than raise and lower them every whip stitch. When I was a kid, seeing the flag lowered to half-mast was a sight rarest of the rare. I think the first time I ever witnessed this was at the time of the death of John Foster Dulles, a member of the Eisenhower administration. The teacher explained that this gesture was done as a symbol of deep respect and of loss for a most significant person. Today it has become quite a different thing. I think my Dad would comment that they’ll need to oil those pullies, etc., on the flag staffs on account of all the increased wear and tear. Now some screwball shoots a place up and down goes the flag... Read More

If This Were A Hundred Years Ago

No, I don’t wish that this were a hundred years ago. Because a hundred years ago it was a terrible time. However, it was a time far better than this. Pointless to live in the past or even to long for it. But lessons may be taken from it. Indeed, that’s about all its good for now. I always get sick to my stomach whenever I see or hear repeated by the communists or the liberals, “Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat its mistakes.” Yes and absolutely. But what the hell are they talking about? It seems as though they are always referring to Hitler and his National Socialist State whenever they decide to use this saying. But why? Hitler has been the ONLY ONE to have really learned from the past and saw to it that the sins of old would not be repeated. For this they hate him more than any figure before or since. Perhaps, in their sick and devious brains, this has something to do with “guarding against” any return of Nazism. Heaven forbid... Read More

Pyramid Upside-down: The Passing of Charles Manson

We have seen developing lately from the controlled news media, the borderline hyper-paranoia that they still seem to harvest within their own minds about Charles Manson. November 19th, 2017 was the day that marked Manson’s freedom from the confines of the prison system, and even with no evidence of any of the crimes that he has been, his face still remains to be as popular as recognized brands all across the world. Take for instance what Huffpost said about him, “Charles Manson is dead now, and we are the richer for it. Manson was a thief, a pimp and a murderous cult leader bent on race war. He was true scum.” You have to wonder if it is really Charlie with the wild imagination. No, what we see right now is a repeat of 1969 with the same terror and fear that is currently being exploited for the purposes of making money and cursing a man who is a System scapegoat for doing the impossible... Read More

Eugenics and Euthanasia

This has to do with the two, twin, opposite ends of the spectrum, pillars of any National Socialist leaning government: Eugenics and Euthanasia. The former meaning literally “good breeding” with the latter meaning “mercy killing”. (As an aside, there is as far as I’m concerned a third “EU” although you’ll not be able to find it in any dictionary. At least I’ve never been able to. It seems as though this was a word coined by that old carny and Devil worshipper, Anton LaVey. The word was “eustress”. The opposite of distress. The fun/fear or thrill you get from riding a roller coaster or going through a “haunted house”, etc. A very real concept.) Perhaps most will argue against euthanasia these days because it invades the “rights” of the individual. We know what Hitler had to say about this business of “rights”. There is but only ONE “human right” and it is the same as the one supreme duty: To maintain and procreate the race PURE!... Read More

Agents Provocateur

As old as modern society everywhere are the police agents who are sent in to spy and/or generate trouble where there otherwise wouldn’t be any. I’ve seen my share. I never had any difficulty understanding that such things went on whereas a great many others seemed to remain unawares. It’s simply a standard ploy. Commander Rockwell, in an apocryphal tale, would call over to the FBI office in Washington, D.C., and ask them to send him more infiltrators like so-and-so because he really needed all the help and support that a good agent would provide. That’s just it. To ingratiate one’s self, to build one’s credibility. Unless that much is accomplished then the agent isn’t going to be of much use. Then one has to judge what the ultimate aim of this individual might be. Merely to gather information? Perhaps to sow disunity in the ranks? Or maybe to actually set one or more persons up for a criminal fall... Read More

The Constitution: A Failed Document?

The short answer to this disturbing question has to be: Yes. It has been under the Constitution that this country has been taken over and sent to hell. This is undeniable. Though not part of the Constitution, the words of Jefferson one may sometimes see up on posters about the need for some blood to be spilled now and again in order to preserve and renew liberty are revolting to me because they are not being acted upon on the grand scale which they need to be acted upon. About like, “Freedom Is Not Free”. Makes me sick. Mere blurbs and buzz words without backing of any kind. (And don’t point to the military veterans as none of the wars this country has involved itself in since the War of Independence itself has had any bearing on “our freedom”. Indeed, quite the contrary.)... Read More

Regarding the Church of Satan

Questions continue to be raised concerning my own stance regarding Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan. Probably now is the time to get all of this clarified and down on paper, once and for all. This isn’t a condemnation nor is it an endorsement. I neither disown nor do I embrace either the man or his creation. He – it – simply were. Objects of interest in a world beginning to pull apart. The biggest consideration is that I went with Commander Rockwell at that time and no one else. There had been that blurb in that final issue of “The Stormtrooper” in the summer of 1968 which pointed out that the government permitted a Satanic burial in a federal cemetery but had refused Rockwell’s. It was written into the opening of “Siege”, the book, that I had gained my own, first and real introduction to LaVey and his Church of Satan... Read More

A New Media

Those who knew anything about the media from the days of Henry Ford to those of George Lincoln Rockwell realized that it had been subverted and taken over by Jews. From newspapers to radio to Hollywood to television, etc. If they didn't own it outright then they were the advertisers who could call most of the shots. And if they weren't the writers and editors themselves, then they could depend upon the brain-raped goyim having come out of their likewise subverted and poisoned "institutions of higher learning". But make no mistake, when considering the media, you must consider it as a major tool in the hands of the Jewish enemy. It is of course a product of Aryan genius just as is everything else within the civilized world. They see this and they know this which is exactly why they knew then and still know that they must move in on it, seize control... Read More

An American Nazi Looks at "The Holocaust"

Probably my own first, personal glimpse at a sight from what later became known as “The Holocaust” was a double-page spread in one of my father’s mens magazines. A huge pit filled with dead, emaciated bodies. Wow! Here was a sight not often – if ever – encountered. Certainly not thus far in my young lifetime. It was also around the time of the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann by Jews in Argentina and the sensation arising from that. Prior to that time, not much. Years later Commander Rockwell wrote that his was happening when it was in answer to renewed, world-wide Nazi activity as spearheaded by himself and his American Nazi Party. It only just makes sense. At the kangaroo court held by the so-called “Allies” in Nuremberg during 1945-1946, defendants such as Hermann Goering... Read More


They certainly don’t advertise it and there’s nowhere you may go to get a copy of their strategic plan but the proverbial “eyes with which to see” will tell you that high on the enemy’s preferred list has always been: Never give them the chance to fight. Why this? Because even today, if you were to fight – fight as a people – you’d win. Had the Rhodesians fought, really fought, they’d still have their country. Had the South Africans really fought, even as the minority which they were, they’d yet be free. They permitted themselves to be sold out from within, betrayed. The price, apart from the degradation of it all? An explosion of rape, murder and general chaos. (Is this sounding at all familiar?) But things like this never just “happen”. There must be sound and genuine leadership and this, too, has been carefully, scrupulously denied our people by secret masters... Read More

Why Does the System so Hate "Fascism"?

I originally was going to entitle this piece, “Why Does the Left So Hate ‘Fascism’?” But it isn’t just the left, it’s the whole System which includes the Left. Note that they don’t “hate” communism. Maybe they’ll deride it at times as having been a failed economic system and perhaps a wee bit on the “repressive” side. But “hate”, no. Hate requires strong emotion and that just isn’t there whenever the System media brings up communism. But it’s certainly there whenever Fascism is taken up. Of course, being rational and objective in these things is to miss the point but still it is a good starting place. Whenever I would address student groups at schools during the 1980s, I would toss out a series of questions as to who the supposed greatest mass murderer of all history was according to the Guinness... Read More

The Greatest Generation

This is a term that’s been heard more over the course of the past twenty years or so. It’s something which struck me at the beginning as it contains connotation and now, after all this time, I want to get all of its implications solidly down for all to see and understand. That group being referred to are approximately those from which my own parents sprang, having been born at about the time of the First World Way, having fought in the Second World War and having sired the so-called “Baby Boomer” generation of which I am a member (even though I dislike the sound of the title.) It is said that those remaining are dying at the rate of six hundred per day. Soon there’ll be no more. But I want to begin by emphasizing that, yes, they were the Greatest Generation. Here is where all similarity between my take on this and all of the others ends... Read More

The Media

Unlike in the past, I’ll not tell you now to disregard the nightly news as this piece directly addresses it. And I’m not going to continue to fall into the error of past decades by citing to you every kind of statistic demonstrating how the mass media is own and operated by Jews. For one, I’m not currently up on those statistics and, two, it’s gone beyond that sort of thing being important. We for a long time felt that by exposing those damning figures the White populace could be awakened. Wrong. “Truth” and “facts” in their raw state won’t do it, that much has been proven. Reason and logic might when they are based upon the truth and the facts. The enemy lacks these things: Reason and logic. He relies upon the manipulation of emotion in tandem with the “cherry picking”... Read More

Fifty Years Onward

As the old cliche goes, I remember it as though it had been yesterday. Friday, August 25th, 1967. About midday. My family and I were on our way from town to the house in the country. Dad had stopped at the corner market just outside of town for the obligatory case of beer. When he emerged and reentered the car he said, “I see where your friend got shot.” I had no idea what he could be talking about. “Rockwell.” Whereupon he handed me that day’s paper. There it was on the front page. Life for me has contained some real shocks but this was probably the first serious shock of an adult nature. I had not very long before turned fifteen and had been a member of Rockwell’s Youth Movement for less than a full year. Naturally, I was to remain 100% absorbed by this over the coming days and weeks. “Now what?” That was the automatic, instinctive thought which... Read More

One Hundred Years of Failture?

It was during the summer of 1967 that Commander Rockwell wrote his second book, “White Power”. He had then a much easier go of it than he had in getting published his first book, “This Time the World”. Such was the degree of development of his American Nazi Party over the preceding five years or so. Both books became blockbusters and are still in print, albeit on the underground press. The tragic part was that he was dead about the time the first edition of the book appeared. But Chapter Twelve of that book was entitled, “Fifty Years of Failure”, and dealt with the abysmal record of the U.S. Right Wing in being able to do anything about Jewish-Communist inroads against decent, White American society. That of course was fifty years ago. And so now I entitle this piece, “One Hundred years of Failure?”... Read More


Those familiar with prison life will instantly recognize “P.C.” as synonymous with “Protective Custody” or “Punk City”. But the more recent application of P.C. has been and is “Politically Correct”. Everyone knows this. However it seems no one pauses to ask the important question: Politically correct according to who, to what? This is one hell of an admission when one stops to consider it It means that there exists a rather rigid “standard”, if that is the right word, of speech and behavior. When I was a very young person there most certainly was a standard of speech and behavior, not to mention of dress, morals, appearance, even hygiene, etc. But that’s all gone it seems. It’s been replaced. We can see what it is but, again, who replaced it? I didn’t even hear the “F” word until I was about fourteen years of age and I knew instinctively that there was a time and a place for its use... Read More


Once more I ask you to dismiss the nightly news and whatever you may have thought you knew about Russia. Whence came Russia? For all intents and purposes, Russia is or was a colony of Sweden approximately as North America is or was a colony of Great Britain. The name itself arose from the Varangian’s or the Rus, Swedish Vikings once again. All the same while that Leif Erickson, etc., and his crew members were navigating from Scandinavia to Iceland to Greenland to Vinland, or North America. But it goes deeper and further back than that. All those mighty rivers of East Europe beginning with the letter “D” were to those Vikings exactly as the Atlantic had been to our own. It is well known that when the Vikings ran out of waterway, they’d take their ships overland using rollers. So was it down from Scandinavia to colonize Russia or had it been up from some place else? The Slavs of the area invited the Vikings... Read More


What properly to make of Trump? I’ll start with my own initial impressions. These days I’m finding myself needing and wanting to break free of the habit of watching the evening news on television. This bothers me about myself because I never used to do it. Never, that was, until about a year ago when having coffee with friends and the subject of Donald Trump came up in connection with the then hotly contested presidential primary. One companion happened to mention that “this guy Trump wants to build a wall along the border with Mexico.” That was all it took to hook me. From that movment until the election itself, I watched his climb. And on the very night of t he election, in the wee hours of the morning, as I sat in near amazement. I am not ashamed to say that I shed a tear of joy at his win. But I am not fooled and neither should you be. There’s a very old adage... Read More