August 19, 2019

If You Ain't SIEGE, You Ain't Shit – Also you’re a FED

If You Ain't SIEGE, You Ain't Shit – Also you’re a FED

by À rebours

As it is,

James Mason gave you a way out. It was called SIEGE.

SIEGE is the code-name for the escape plan and our survival manual for the coming IS TO BE.

But will you accept the Truth?





These are the four arms that radiate from the center and the source.

Staying true to your center and Self. This is the both the Ideal and the practical application which can only manifest through a Self-willed negation of the Left/Right/ "either/or" despotism of the binary. Liberated and limitless, this in-dwelling subjective Self can then be transfigured into an alchemical cauldron wherein SIEGE is generated and multiplied a thousand fold.

This is UNIVERSAL ORDER im einsatz.

And those that persist along the path of the untrue? Verily, I say, shall they devolve into the accursed apelings of the System. Into the betrayers and the backstabbers. Into the agent provocateur and Movementarian collaborator. Into infamy as the small time penitent seeking the System's forgiveness for his transgressions against its paid opinion makers. How vile! How loathsome! How reprehensible thou art! And how unworthy the good company of those honorable men of conscience who stoically endure your calumnies be ye… So away with you then, you ideologically unclean spirits! Your calls for "action" fall on deaf ears. Be gone! For we exorcise thee in the name of SIEGE and of UNIVERSAL ORDER.


And shall the raging winds hurl you afar.

And shall the vengeful seas drown you in their lightless depths.

And shall the mocking earth crack wide under your feet and swallow you whole.

For you are damned.

So it is done.