Universal Order writer.

Savitri Devi - 114th Year Tribute

"Creation and destruction are one, to the eyes who can see beauty." - Savitri Devi. High Priestess of Hitler. Völva of Ragnarök. Who triumphed over the darkness of despair. In proud, burning defiance. Spitting in the face of the Beast. Champion of Nature. Speaker of the Cosmos. Dharma's Ambassador. Wisdom radiant. Inspired by the Sacred Flame. That generates Bolt and Ray. Hail Savitri Devi. Woman Against Time. Hail the Scale. Universal Order. Balancing Lightning and Sun. Heil Hitler. Heil Kalki. Sieg Heil. "The will to live, in order that, one day, even if I never should see the resurrection of Thy great Reich in all its might, I should at least admire the coming scenes of the tremendous... Read More


What a fitting term to describe the modern fetish of the cinematic anti-fascist warrior which is pathetically consumed by the drooling lemming masses left, right and center. On one hand there's the do-gooder Captain America who, through a serum invented and administered by a literal kike scientist, is transformed into a Zionist show-dog starring in flamboyant Allied stage spectacles all the while clobbering those despicable Nazi goons on the battlefield, even up to the Führer himself. Shining brightly on his trusty shield, made out of Kangz mythical metal from Mother Africa, is the heraldry of the Beast System. On the other hand an even more iconic comic hero is manifest as a jew's twisted perversion of the Übermensch, upholding “truth, justice and the (((American way)))”. This particular character is pitted against the fascist General Zod... Read More

Arioperennialism: One Blood, One Truth

Those who have spent an adequate amount of time within the racial sphere are no doubt familiar with the ongoing debate surrounding religious sects and their relevance to the National Socialist worldview. “What faith DID Hitler adhere to?” “Which sect is TRULY compatible with a racial outlook?” Passionate answers to this repetitive line of questioning poured out from multiple perspectives such as Christianity and Odinism. I too was drawn into these debates upon freshly adopting a racial outlook, but eventually had the good fortune to encounter a perennial approach toward the various cycles of Aryandom throughout history. Thus these petty sectarian feuds became increasingly less significant to me over time. It is true that this alternative view could be accurately identified as Esoteric Hitlerism by those familiar with it. Through contemplation I have also found the term “Arioperennialism” to be fitting. Summarized, it is the unwavering priority of Aryan blood... Read More