June 12, 2019



by Bob Igelston

It has come to our attention that a man by the name of Robert Bowers in the city of Pittsburgh has shot up a synagogue on October 27th, 2018 killing 11 jews and injuring several others including some police officers. Seeing through this man’s online posts and I can tell that he among with many others were sick with the state of this world and instead of doing useless marches and then some, he took it upon himself to do action as he saw fit, in this case shooting up a synagogue, these actions have caused quite the reaction of what remains of the Alt Right and other movementarian organizations, a reaction of cowardice as expected. The usual suspects “making official disavowments” or on various image boards of various types begging the Jewish Media for forgiveness and saying how they hate this guy with all their heart, we’ve all heard this same story before, when that fat communist slut Heather Heyer had a heart attack from watching a car crash what did the Alt Right do?

Oh yeah, they threw James Fields Jr. under the bus and “disavowed” him and even made up claims how he was fed too, something we’re called on the regular because with all these FBI agents being everyone who even slightly disagrees with these people, I’d imagine the FBI’s and Homeland Security’s Right Wing Domestic Terrorism Units must be one of the most well funded areas of the government when in reality it’s the opposite of the case, regardless it just shows the cowardice and spinelessness of these people, like these people will talk an absolute boat load of shit on how they’re going to gas the kikes and how niggers better watch out etc. but the moment someone actually does those things whether they be Dylann Roof or Robert Bowers they shrink back and start acting like a bunch of women whining over “violence is bad optics!” “muh optics!”. Robert Bowers was 100% correct when in his last post he told these walking vaginas “Screw your optics, I’m going in”. Honestly this man was more of a man than any of these pussies will ever be.

Honestly that’s just the fact of the matter here, people like the Alt Right and various other organizations are pussies, they’re pussies and a bunch of women who complain at the mere mention of using violence in any matter whatsoever and accusing those who do talk about such things as being “Feds” because sure the 17 year old who calls you out for being a walking vagina who just talks boat loads of shit is definitely a fed right? Give me a fucking break, honestly this whole “Fed Hysteria” like the “Satanic Panic” comes from the same exact place, a bunch of weak spineless faggots who try their hardest at character assassination to anyone who dares call their faggotry out. These people are fucking pondscum and shouldn’t be listened to whatsoever and it disgusts me that these cowards have a following at all but we all know there isn’t a shortage of cowards in this world, because if we had no cowards we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in right now. Thinking over this situation with the synagogue sure reminds me of the passage of Siege called “European Renaissance” , People are getting sick of this system and its shenanigans and some are striking back and sadly for these Jews, Traitors, Leftists and Degenerates it will only get worse.

Despite that we may disagree with the tactics of this man, we still will never disavow our own kind. The niggers and communists never disavow their people, why on earth would you?