June 11, 2019



by Bob Igelston

The main issue with today’s Fascists and National Socialists within the USA (more specifically the Southern ones) is a case of being attached to a specific type of Nationalism that has not only been dead, but also compromised from the very beginning. We of course are speaking of the notion that the Confederate States of America is in anyway a “National Socialist Utopia”. Let’s be clear, the Confederacy had it’s competent military geniuses (namely Robert E. Lee, who wasn’t even a Southern Nationalist), but still at the end of the day was a symptom of the Capitalist-Jewish pigsty that America had been becoming as a byproduct of its defunct Constitution.

A lot of the controversy surrounding Confederate monuments and things of the like always point back to a period of American history where slavery was still an institution, and not only that, that non-whites were hardly considered to be human beings by the whites who owned their slaves. There is no mistake to be made here that slavery was not only a bad idea, but a dangerous one at that. A bad idea not for the same reason people might think, but merely because it has the same effect that most modern conveniences and technology has on us. “Doing the jobs we don’t want to do” is a pro-immigration argument that comes to mind. This translates to white men becoming lazy and comfortable, not having the discipline that one should have if they want to own and operate a farm (or cotton plantation). This eliminates jobs that the younger generation should be trained in for when they inherit the land that their fathers and grandfathers kept stable. To a National Socialist, it’s unthinkable to just invite blacks onto your property to mingle amongst you and your family for reasons that are obvious. The effects of this mistreatment has been deadly, which leads into the second point that was made earlier. This was a dangerous idea because with Jewish infiltration into government, the former slaves – after years of growing resentment towards their white slave owners – were let loose into society, spawning everything from civil rights activist groups all the way up to weaponized race mixing to “strike back at whitey”. Even this was practiced when daughters of slave owners had been raped and bred by blacks, but thankfully whites at least had the common decency to hang those who participated in activities like that.

The CSA however has an interesting historical tidbit that many are unaware of. The Blacks of today will call out the slave owners as rich and upper class piggies, but there is another half to this accusation that they conveniently don’t recognize. With an upper class, there is always a lower class, and the harsh reality is that the white man who was not born into wealth was in a sense enslaved into manual labor just as much as the black man was. Only the richest land-owners had slaves, while your average working class white didn’t get that luxury. Similar situation today, as whites who live in the ghetto or are lower middle class don’t have the luxury of hiring third-world immigrants and nannies to take care of their homes. An old Christian proverb goes that money is the root to all evil. Greed, corruption, and also willful laziness. Complacency, comfortable lifestyles without consequence. These rich whites who owned slaves didn’t exist with a “Confederate Identity”, since having everything with no adventure or journey to achieving those things leads to a lack of identity, belonging and being. And naturally, the jobs that “no one wants” could be done FOR FREE during the slavery period. Not only that, but also forcing the working class to fight in the CSA’s military just so they can clean up the mess that the CSA started, while the slave owners were for the most part exempt from having to battle it out with the North.

So much time was lost, so much potential was wasted. And the result? A Civil War, with a high casualty rate with no lessons learned. The victors were not the North, but rather the Jewish oligarchy that were on both sides of the whole affair. This is the nature of their game. Those upper class whites who went along with it were fully aware of the game that they were playing. Perhaps, if the Civil War had been a revolt against the Oligarchy within the NORTH and SOUTH, we would have sped up the progress of industrialization and science rather than remaining in the stagnant state that was the Confederacy.

What this can be boiled down to as a shining example of romanticizing history, rather than giving it the objective look that it needs to have. After all, the best thing to come from this era was the Ku Klux Klan. Obsolete nowadays, but at the time, the organization was light-years ahead of the Confederacy. The men of the past running the CSA are not exempt of criticism, and respect can be given to those soldiers who fought and died. Class warfare is, of course, a Marxist way of the old ‘divide and conquer’ cliche, this cannot be denied. However, those who made arrangements for the proto-Third World invasion, and those who willingly participated in the institution of slavery for the benefit of wealth and power cannot be praised. This justifies class warfare, but not for the agenda of Jewish Communism, but as a method of “cleaning house” to liberate those whites who have been betrayed by their masters. A Confederate “Movement” is not a new idea, and the Alt Right/National Socialists entirely refuse to remove this historical dead weight. And no, we in no way glorify the North over the South. As it should be, the Confederacy is only a place in history, not a ground-breaking form of traditionalism that needs to be revived.

“The South will rise again!”

This is why those who glorify this are movementarians. They seek the past, our current society seeks the present. However, we seek the future.

History moves forward in a never ending march. There is no need to turn back and stagnate many miles behind the game.