Some disclaimers before contacting (some should be quite obvious).

  1. We are not James Mason. James Mason does not use the internet, therefore, he does not read E-Mails. We upload his writings and promote his material on his behalf.

  2. This website is not a recruitment platform for the Atomwaffen Division nor any other commonly associated Organization people attribute to this website. We will not put you in contact with any Organization. Whether we support a group or not does not mean that we act as their mouthpiece or recruitment platform.

  3. We are not a membership organization. There is no "Joining Siege Culture/Universal Order".

  4. We do not care about how "vile", "horrible, "wreched" or "degenerate" you may think we are.

  5. We most certainly will not accept interviews or answer questions asked by Journalists and any other media outlet. Don't bother asking, you will not get a response.

  6. We will not publish or promote any written material you send with very rare exceptions.

  7. Do not ask us for "personal" or "organizational" advice. We will not lend help in that manner.

  8. Do not send E-Mails that are not in English.

  9. Lastly, we do not want any "on-a-need-to-know-basis" information sent to us.

Any E-Mails sent to us of this nature will be laughed all the way to the trash bin.

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