June 14, 2019

Come and Take It

Come and Take It

by Bob Igelston

As the System’s death date moves closer and closer, we can see an ever more growing movement of lemmings demanding the System take away everyone’s firearms (a group of lemmings consisting mostly of young people I might add). Make no mistake, this is not accidental. With the current breakdown of this rotten society, it will naturally bring alienation, death and far worse things. One can only look at all these mass shootings to see real world examples of this. Though the System itself sees nothing but great things coming from these events, that thing being pure damage control for the System’s own protection. This being that if there are less guns and ammo floating around then that means less firepower used against the System when shit begins breaking down because it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the more guns laying around in non-System hands then that means more guns that can be used against the System and their manpower.

This is why we are seeing an increase in laws that make it easier for the System to take your guns away for the sole purpose of protecting itself, this mainly goes for “Red Flag Laws” to which if you read into the law itself it allows for pretty much anyone to report you to the police and have your firearms taken away because “you are a danger to yourself or others”. They are partially right with that being you are a danger to the System itself, though they made sure to get the crazies first just to tell the lemmings how great and effective these laws are.

Regardless, despite these laws among the 25,000+ other laws on firearms in the United States, I do not believe we will ever see mass confiscation because it’s just not logistically possible. Last time I’ve checked, there are over 400+ million firearms in the USA and over one trillion rounds of ammo. Despite the logistical nightmare it would be to take everyone’s firearms, the System will try to take away as much as they can by using such laws I mentioned before and especially on those the System deems “enemies of the System”. This is why my FEDS article is of great importance considering that we need every tactic possible against the System’s weapons of ‘lawfare’ (considering it’s the tactic they mostly use against us).

Sending in the cavalry like they did with both Waco and Ruby Ridge in the 1990s. While it did work on the surface, it sort of blew up in the System’s face with the revenge attack that done known as the Oklahoma City Bombing. The System isn’t too keen on just rolling in and killing as many of us as possible. Not yet of course.

In any matter, if the System decided tomorrow that they will be raiding every Nazi’s home for firearms with some shit like the “disarm hate act” (or the Cohen act a la the Turner Diaries) or whatever, it would be very unsuccessful resulting in a huge loss of life and possibly causing many to go on guerrilla campaigns. That, and the loss of civilian life. So they instead prefer the slow route of things like “red flag laws” like I mentioned before since again that is a much safer route for them to take.

Thankfully we are in such a time under Trump where ammo and even firearms are at an all-time low in terms of pricing which gives us the chance to stock up and be prepared for collapse while we still can. I even recommend things like “Ghost Guns” which are basically kits where if you have the right tools (that being a drill/drill press) then you can make your own firearms, something of which being perfectly legal in the USA with the exception of California. The website for it is www.ghostguns.com though there are many other websites that service such things but in any way it is helpful to have a firearm that does not officially exist.

We must be prepared for anything though because for all we know, the System could start busting everyone’s doors down in an hour after you have read this article. Or maybe a civil war will start tomorrow considering the events in France over these past weeks with riots near civil war starting because of a 70 cent gas tax where it is now turning into an anti-banking and nationalistic riot/civil unrest. That just goes to show you. In my opinion, I see a very similar thing happening to our side of the pond if you will, hopefully we can finally put an end to this demonic world of ours and start all over again from year 1. As for all the System’s cronies and rabid lemmings demanding the System take away my firearms, all I can say is “COME AND TAKE IT”.