Urban Exploring

A fascist group of any kind is nearly impotent if they do not train together in physical activities that involve teamwork, combat, and thinking on your feet. Airsoft and paintball is great for minor combat training, martial arts are good for hand to hand combat, hiking is great, but there’s still a need for another team building activity in your squad. Urban exploring fills that niche nicely. When exploring abandoned places you will learn to be one as a group, everyone must help one and other to make it through whatever abandonment is being explored. It is also a great way to get equipment that has been lost or left behind in years past. Urbex appeals to me as a Fascist for the amount of teamwork needed for it to be possible. Urban exploration, or urbex for short, is something that has quickly become one of the most thought provoking and favorite hobbies for me and my friends. It involves the exploring of... Read More