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The Tin Soldier

The term “Tin Soldier” was an insult going back to the early 1900s in which we feel we should bring back, now what is the meaning of such an insult? Well it’s used to describe a person who talks all about going to war and playing soldier then when REAL WAR comes they’re nowhere to be seen, where are these people? Running away and making excuses and attacking those who call him out for what he is, a coward. Of course you can see why, a Tin Soldier is but an idealized version of what a soldier looks like - all clean and well kept with his fancy rifle and smiling - though in reality war isn’t something that’s fun, clean or even fair at all. The reality is this, War has no rules, War has no morality, War is just nature itself and if you want to go around thinking that you can just march into... Read More

Potholes II: Electric Jewgaloo

After watching the recent installment of Mr. Pickledick’s documentary series on MSNBC called “Breaking Hate” we feel it is necessary to continue with a second installment of “Potholes” (something Pickledick himself refused to rebuttal). Well, we got to give Mr. Pickledick at least some credit, it was far better than that Frontline PBS exposé, the whole presentation felt like a feature length movie. Regardless of the presentation, it didn’t come without it’s blatant lies, retardation and deliberate misrepresentation of the situation surrounding the death of our fallen friends Andrew and Jeremy at the hands of Devon Arthurs. So let’s get into it shall we? Well we begin with Pickledick meeting up with Andrew’s family and talking about Andrew’s life leading up to his involvement in “Hate”. Basically Pickledick and Andrew’s Sister outright imply that Andrew was autistic and... Read More

Come and Take it

As the System’s death date moves closer and closer, we can see an ever more growing movement of lemmings demanding the System take away everyone’s firearms (a group of lemmings consisting mostly of young people I might add). Make no mistake, this is not accidental. With the current breakdown of this rotten society, it will naturally bring alienation, death and far worse things. One can only look at all these mass shootings to see real world examples of this. Though the System itself sees nothing but great things coming from these events, that thing being pure damage control for the System’s own protection. This being that if there are less guns and ammo floating around then that means less firepower used against the System when shit begins breaking down because it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the more guns laying around in non-System hands then that means more guns that can be used against the System and their manpower. This is why we are seeing an increase in laws that make it easier for the System to take your guns away for the sole purpose of protecting itself, this mainly... Read More

Race Mixing

A topic that is very talked about in our circles and talked as this major issue is Race Mixing. From the Alt Right to even our circles it is considered a major issue of our time. This line of thinking was of course popularized by both Rockwell and Dr. Pierce, which during their times this was a real issue to worry over since Interracial Marriages were legalized and people had the worse fears. I don’t see why everyone makes it out to be this big thing, even going by statistics last time I checked the interracial marriage rate in the United States was less than 1% and a good chunk of those weren’t even white+ anything for that matter, it was something like Black+Latino being the most common interracial marriage out there. None of this of course came as a surprise to me because from my experience the only white people who racemix do so out of desperation considering even the most liberal lemming out there from the ones I met would never be willing to bed down with a black, it’s disgusting for them but they keep that on the downlow and keep parroting what they’re meant... Read More

Walmart Nationalists

A term that I’ve always used to describe the ideas of the Alt Right and most Skinheads/Movement Boomers is “Walmart Nationalism”. Now what does this term even mean? It’s exactly as it sounds, you can paint an imagine in your head to of exactly what I’m talking about. Who are the Walmart Nationalists? They don’t care about the principles of Fascism at all, in fact they use it as a mask of sorts. Using symbolism and words for the sake of showing off how “hardcore” they are. It’s akin to nigger “gang culture”, there really is no difference. Go ahead and paint a picture in your head of what I’m talking about. Don’t pretend like you don’t know, the dysgenic look that a lot of these white nationalist/skinhead types have, the “walmart look”, except instead of being one of those 56%ers, they’re full white but with that very distinctive “look” about them. Probably overweight, and their facial features most likely affected... Read More

Witch Hunt

As I watch the news more, the more I find myself seeing the absurdity of it all in terms of engineered outrage as a marketing technique like you see lemmings taking sides on what some ad said and thus giving the company in question plenty of free advertising or ever increasing use of the media as a shaming tool. I’m of course speaking of the “epidemic of teenage racists!” where the national media shames a bunch of high schoolers/college students every week for making offensive jokes. I’d be very happy if there was this nation wide epidemic of teenage nazis around every corner but that’s just not the case, I mean I used to be exactly like that (and still am to a point) where I acted like an edgelord making dumb jokes, though granted I’m now a writer for a radical national socialist website! In all honesty these people are no threat at all and most probably will never be... Read More

The Islamic Example

Something that I have been amazed and have heavy respect for is the mentality of Fundamentalist Muslims, their mindset of “Our enemies love life, We love death” is something to recognize, and I might add that we MUST adopt ourselves. Now what does the phrase “Our enemies love life, We love death” even mean to us? Well it means simply put, our enemies are afraid to die and thus love their lives and thus leads them to cowardice and not taking things all the way, while those who utter the phrase – in this case Fundamentalist Muslims – aren’t afraid of death and actually embrace such a idea of martyrdom, if they die they go Jannah (Islamic Heaven) and are blessed by Allah, if they live then they continue on fighting until death because neither life nor death matters to these people, only their faith and ideas. The worst sin to ever commit to these people is cowardice and surrendering to the enemy, Hitler himself admired this same dedication in the Japanese people, a people willing to die for their Emperor and do anything (which was a mentality that kept Japanese... Read More


Dear Mr. Pickledick, A person that has caught my interest for the longest time is a person that many Jewish Organizations from the ADL to the SPLC seems to shill on every news broadcast, youtube video recommendations and book advertisements is a man by the name of Christian Picciolini. As I’m sure you’ve heard of him and his story of “being in the movement and finding a way out” I’ll save you the reading time explaining the already told. Regardless the point of this article is not to address Picciolini’s failure of life per say considering Dylann Roof already wrote him a letter that did an absolutely excellent job here. This is merely an addressing of Picciolini’s arguments over “National Socialists don’t actually believe what they believe, they’re just damaged people looking for community!” Now let’s actually address this argument shall we? While it is most certainly true, Mr. Pickledick, that many of us – including myself... Read More

Why Fighting in Foreign Wars is Pointless

With all this chaos and war in this world there is bound to be fights for fascism just by statistics alone. Now the most famous and well known example would be the fascist groups fighting in Ukraine right now. Though it’s very tempting, it would be very ridiculous, pointless, and not to mention COSTLY to go off to another country and start fighting for the benefits of complete strangers. Why? What does it accomplish? Let’s say you’re there to help X group form a fascist state, okay, but how long until ZOG sends it’s muscle – the United States Military – to “Liberate” that area? How long until they blow you up into nothing because it’s a 3rd world country that no one gives a damn about so they can carpet bomb the shit out of it (maybe even nuke it if it proves to be too difficult for them). The lemmings won’t care (and even celebrate said country being blown back into the stone-age) only because it’s not in their backyard. Your fascist state will last about a couple days at most and if you survive you’ll get publicly hung for crimes against humanity, or worse, just... Read More


This is going to be less of an article and more of a PSA to have. In terms of dealing with the system’s police agencies in the US whether it be FBI or just your local police force arresting you on whatever it is important to keep all of this in mind. Don’t ever say anything to the police, none of it will help you and in fact be used against you. We see this with our dear brother who is in prison currently, Brandon Russell, who is in prison due to him admitting to owning those explosives and admitted to being a part of the Atomwaffen Division and being its founder. If he hadn’t said anything he’d probably be a free man today though in his case he did so out of anxiety and stress due to 2 of his friends being dead and 1 being a traitor and FEDs taking advantage to crucify him due to the actual evidence on him being not the best and most of it on the words of a mentally ill ISIS sympathizer. And now, we see Devon Arthurs trying to re-invent himself as an innocent guy who was trying to “stop the terror”... Read More

On Pearl Clutchers and their Lies

The title is self explanatory to those who may have see this behavior, or are guilty of it. To those not in the know, a phenomenon that is most common amongst liberal-minded lemmings and useless “SJW” units is now, and those who keep up with the Vault, has always been present within the midst of the ‘Movement’ for lack of better words. Say something offensive? Off color joke? Adding comedic relief to something that is disturbing to most? Don’t worry, people who already advocate for mass genocides of “sub-humans” are the first to tell you that you’re being insensitive! Oh the irony! Hence, we have lovingly dubbed these Kumbaya hymn singers “Pearl Clutchers”. Like with most Liberals who are holier than thou, we see here that there is character trait that is common with these people within these fringe groups. We’ll call this one “The Dishonest Ones”, the hypocrites, the ones that could give a damn less about offensive humor or women who show too much cleavage, but use this as a pandering tactic to gain the attraction of conformist lemming followers... Read More

The Revisionist Plague

When thinking of those who water down fascism and try to make it more appealing for people who are more interested in using the “title” rather than going through with full commitment. Everything from removing all the “yucky” parts and painting it as an ideology of “love”, all the way to making arguments to the effect of “see look at these Black Wehrmacht Soldiers in Germany’s African Colonies! See we love blacks and aren’t racist!” A term comes to mind, Revisionism. What does this term mean and where does it come from? Well, the term revisionism was popularized by Chairman Mao, then later more traditional Marxists using the term to describe those watering down the ideology in an attempt to make it more “PR” friendly and nice looking with compromises and publicity moves. Especially in the Post-Stalin USSR in which such a term of “Revisionist” was used to describe them due to Khrushchev’s compromises and undoing of Marxist ideas in the USSR as well as other undoings of Stalin Era and Lenin Era ideas... Read More


Just like anything we hear movementarians and these puritan pearl clutching faggots go on and on about is how evil abortion is and how it’s jewish. How that may be true enough that organizations like Planned Parenthood are indeed very jewish (including the sales of fetus body parts for profit) and in a proper society it should be banned outright. Personally I feel abortion’s benefits heavily outweigh its faults. First off, the vast majority of those getting abortions are niggers and spics and if you want to cry over less niggers and spics coming into the world because they’re “God’s Children” or some bullshit then be my guest I suppose. And before you rail on about “muh white womyn getting abortions!” just think to yourself this, if a white girl is getting an abortion then what type of women would she be? I’ve met plenty of white girls who’ve had abortions and let me tell you that absolutely NONE of them deserve to breed due to them either being sluts, race mixers, druggies... Read More

Whatever happened to our Leftist Foes?

I often ask myself a question which is the namesake of this article, “Whatever happened to our Leftist Foes?” and what a valid question it is in these times. I mean back in the 1860s all the way to the 1960s, these people were a force to be had, they were revolutionaries who would do anything to accomplish their goals and were without compromise (similar to our mindset since all revolutionaries are cut from the same cloth), like honestly you’d see things like an Anarchist assassinating a US President, Communist Paramilitaries in Germany getting in firefights with ourselves in the streets, I mean you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about some communist stabbing his boss in the chest or attempting to start a revolution. Now what do we see? A bunch of edgy Liberals who play pretend as Communist/Anarchist Revolutionaries, I mean this of course is only speaking of the 1st world since Leftist Revolts in the 3rd world are still on going and still have a revolutionary aspect of which the 1st world “college communists” have all but co-op’d and destroyed... Read More


It has come to our attention that a man by the name of Robert Bowers in the city of Pittsburgh has shot up a synagogue on October 27th, 2018 killing 11 jews and injuring several others including some police officers. Seeing through this man’s online posts and I can tell that he among with many others were sick with the state of this world and instead of doing useless marches and then some, he took it upon himself to do action as he saw fit, in this case shooting up a synagogue, these actions have caused quite the reaction of what remains of the Alt Right and other movementarian organizations, a reaction of cowardice as expected. The usual suspects “making official disavowments” or on various image boards of various types begging the Jewish Media for forgiveness and saying how they hate this guy with all their heart, we’ve all heard this same story before, when that fat communist slut Heather Heyer had a heart attack... Read More


The main issue with today’s Fascists and National Socialists within the USA (more specifically the Southern ones) is a case of being attached to a specific type of Nationalism that has not only been dead, but also compromised from the very beginning. We of course are speaking of the notion that the Confederate States of America is in anyway a “National Socialist Utopia”. Let’s be clear, the Confederacy had it’s competent military geniuses (namely Robert E. Lee, who wasn’t even a Southern Nationalist), but still at the end of the day was a symptom of the Capitalist-Jewish pigsty that America had been becoming as a byproduct of its defunct Constitution. A lot of the controversy surrounding Confederate monuments and things of the like always point back to a period of American history where slavery was still an institution, and not only that, that non-whites were hardly considered to be human beings by... Read More

Let the cities burn, Our victory is in the villages and the farms!

Too much do I see people trying to pander and recruit in the cities and suburbs when in fact our victory is not there and trying to have one in such a place is useless and has no point to it and is basically a good way to commit tactical suicide. In fact our victory is in the rural areas and always will be. In every successful revolution, the main source of recruits is from rural areas of the country from the French Revolution to the Chinese Civil War, Why is this? Well it’s simple the system, whatever it may be, can’t project it’s propaganda as effectively as it can in cities and well populated areas, this is mainly due to lack of communications compared to the cities and priority of the system in place is to focus mainly on cities for it’s propaganda network and who to keep comfortable and bellies full the most due to the core of the system being within these cities so naturally they’d want them to be the best fortified. This of course is a fatal flaw if you know how to exploit it, Chairman Mao had the right idea during the Chinese Civil War, while... Read More