Pyramid Upside-down: The Passing of Charles Manson

We have seen developing lately from the controlled news media, the borderline hyper-paranoia that they still seem to harvest within their own minds about Charles Manson. November 19th, 2017 was the day that marked Manson’s freedom from the confines of the prison system, and even with no evidence of any of the crimes that he has been, his face still remains to be as popular as recognized brands all across the world. Take for instance what Huffpost said about him, “Charles Manson is dead now, and we are the richer for it. Manson was a thief, a pimp and a murderous cult leader bent on race war. He was true scum.” You have to wonder if it is really Charlie with the wild imagination. No, what we see right now is a repeat of 1969 with the same terror and fear that is currently being exploited for the purposes of making money and cursing a man who is a System scapegoat for doing the impossible... Read More