June 12, 2019



by Bob Igelston

Just like anything we hear movementarians and these puritan pearl clutching faggots go on and on about is how evil abortion is and how it’s jewish. How that may be true enough that organizations like Planned Parenthood are indeed very jewish (including the sales of fetus body parts for profit) and in a proper society it should be banned outright.

Personally I feel abortion’s benefits heavily outweigh its faults. First off, the vast majority of those getting abortions are niggers and spics and if you want to cry over less niggers and spics coming into the world because they’re “God’s Children” or some bullshit then be my guest I suppose. And before you rail on about “muh white womyn getting abortions!” just think to yourself this, if a white girl is getting an abortion then what type of women would she be?

I’ve met plenty of white girls who’ve had abortions and let me tell you that absolutely NONE of them deserve to breed due to them either being sluts, race mixers, druggies and would be single moms (which by the way none of these categories aren’t mutually exclusive to one any other). All and all these white women getting abortions do us a huge service by bring in less faggots, half breeds and future white trash druggies into this world of ours and gives us less work to do when society collapses and we have to start putting bodies in the pits the day after the day of the rope.