À rebours

The Universal Order of the Death's Head

Before we begin, a word of acknowledgement and support from the Professor to all our ideological brothers in arms who must continue their struggle from inside the System's Grey Zone. "Take note: the best men end up as outlaws, fugitives, or prisoners. While the people who have done this to them are the hypocrite defenders of the law" - Raffaele Cutolo. It should go without saying at this point that we here at SIEGE KULTUR are the Idealists, that is to say our worldview is profoundly influenced by a belief in a transcendental Truth, to wit Universal Order. And what is Universal Order? Well, to be able to unlock any Truth one must first have in their possession the right kind of key. And what, you ask, is the key to unlocking the Truth of Universal Order... Read More

Plan SIEGE from Outer Space!

The idea that there currently exists a decentralized army of "lone wolves" planning to randomly bomb/attack the System to honor some ideological vendetta has about as much existential validity to it as did the Bug's Helter Skelter fantasies. This isn't to say there aren't actual Accelerationists at work today though, there are, we're them, but our endgame doesn't involve any DotR-esque scenarios. Rather, the Great Acceleration aims at liberating us from you, and not us putting you out of your collective miseries once and for all, however appealing/tempting that prospect might be. WW2 was fought to forestall this very eventuality. Not to thwart the ambitions of German Nationalists, but solely to keep us trapped here for another couple of hundred years imprisoned on this orbiting Anglo necropolis... Read More

Kriegsberichter Blues

"If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” - Sun Tzu. As we here at SIEGE KULTUR have sat by the electronic river that is the internet we've seen... Agent provocateurs falling flat on their ideological faces and tattoo'd forearms. Full-auto "fedwaffens" come and go. Attempted MSM ambushes gone embarrassingly array. Satanic Panics 2.0 and 2.1. The recent excavation of a four year old cache of shitposts. Red flags raised over police states. The misappropriation of our intellectual property by alcoholic/drug addled hacks. And yet, in spite of all this, SIEGE KULTUR continues to endure. It endures, most certainly dear hearts, because it refuses, categorically and without reservation, to align itself with any of today's "isms."... Read More

The Dual Aspects of SIEGE Terror

Total Attack. Total Drop-Out. These are the two paths SIEGE KULTUR offers to the aspiring karma kamikaze. The Path of Total Attack - This is the type of open warfare practiced by extroverts, showmen/shaman, and the natural "born leaders." Here, the SIEGE KULTURIST will typically gather about him a group of dedicated followers, human batteries, if you will, which, when properly trained, he can then utilize as his shock theater troopers to ideologically terrorize his bourgeois prey into submission with well orchestrated public displays of psychic obedience and physical force, implied or otherwise. It must be stressed though that such displays are never for the benefit of his chosen herd followers. For even though the SIEGE KULTURIST might portray himself as an altruistic "man of the people" he himself is never actually one of them. Instead, he ruthlessly achieves... Read More

SIEGE Gnosis and the Death of the Systemic Demiurge

Fear. Fear is the root of all evil. It is the force by which the System maintains its control over Humanity. Every new law enacted is but another link in that enslaving chain, and the System is the slave master of the Law. But this is the law of the low-born hereditary slave and not of the wise and true master. For the System itself is merely a distorted reflection of the truth embodied in Universal Order, yet in its madness, the System takes itself to be that transcendal source of that very same truth which itself fears most. And Light is the enemy of the Law. The Light is the true Gnosis of SIEGE consciousness, hence the System's desire to cloak itself in darkness. In darkness, the System's servitors, acting like some malignant prism, bend the light of Truth into shadow so that the once liberating word of Universal Order is now warped and distorted and made unintelligible. The life-affirming now made into the death-desiring... Read More


If the System is the puppetmaster than whose strings are they pulling? Shall I tell you? Why yours, of course. The System tugs at the "Left" and the "Right" reacts. The System then tugs at the "Right" and then the "Left" "reacts." Ever the obedient little revolutionaries. Ever the gullible sheepwalkers lulled into a passive state of complicity by the Movementarian mesmerists of the MSM. The System demands a demonstration of loyalty, and you jump at the opportunity to please your masters. A riot? An arson? A bomb scare? A mass-shooting? The System has at its disposal a veritable shadow army of useful idiots, idiots just like yourselves. And the funny part? The System didn't even break a sweat enslaving you either. You did the grunt work for them. All by walking willingly into your electronic prison cells. So willingly in fact you didn't even notice that your newly issued... Read More

If You Ain't SIEGE, You Ain't Shit – Also you’re a FED

As it is. James Mason gave you a way out. It was called SIEGE. SIEGE is the code-name for the escape plan and our survival manual for the coming IS TO BE. But will you accept the Truth? Mind. Body. Soul. Spirit. These are the four arms that radiate from the center and the source. Staying true to your center and Self. This is the both the Ideal and the practical application which can only manifest through a Self-willed negation of the Left/Right/ "either/or" despotism of the binary. Liberated and limitless, this in-dwelling subjective Self can then be transfigured into an alchemical cauldron wherein SIEGE is generated and multiplied a thousand fold. This is UNIVERSAL ORDER im einsatz... Read More

Terrorism is a Racket

"A strategy of tension is a policy wherein violent struggle is encouraged rather than suppressed. It is usually associated when governments, or security apparatuses within a government, allow or even encourage extremist groups to perform attacks, bombings, murders, and the like. In extreme circumstances, it can even involve agent provocateurs and false flag operations where a terrorist threat is outright invented or created. The goal in such strategies is that such a struggle will rally support behind the military or police forces opposing the radicals, to radicalize opposing movements so that they can be better marginalized, or to permit loosely allied extremist groups to attack enemies of the government. As few organizations would openly say that they are pursuing a strategy of tension, accusations generally come from opponents that such a strategy is being pursued."... Read More